Space Commander Storage Units

Space Commander Storage Units – The Space Commander™ Over Bonnet Storage Unit is the perfect solution to your building storage problems.

Taking advantage of the space lost on the hood of your car, you can create up to 3.2 cubic meters of storage space in your basement or garage, without losing a parking space.

Space Commander Storage Units

The Space Commander™ product is a custom, fully customizable design. It is not a box of legs, but an integrated system in which each part is designed and installed to increase strength, rigidity, ease of installation and durability. For example, the feet extend from the floor to the top of the storage unit.

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Steel is the material of choice – strong, durable and reliable. You can get maximum strength without the “bulk” that plastic or wood requires.

The Space Commander has a single door that hinges on the top (not the side), so it doesn’t swing around and hit the car in a position adjacent to the car and the door can be opened without the car moving.

I thought I’d drop you an email to say thank you so much for putting two Space Commanders in my house. It was a bit of a job but the guys were very helpful and accommodating to make sure everything worked and fit. The product is well made and good for storage if it is high in our space. Thank you.

Because it was a building with a difficult space, they had to put a variety of models in the Space Commander platform to make full use of the available space. The process went smoothly and was facilitated by Auckland Manager Mike, who developed a plan that was accessible to all tenants. The installation process was quick and efficient, which helped because some tenants were already in their homes. The entire installation went smoothly and smoothly. The quality of the end product is superior to anything else I have seen in NZ. Thank you Space Commander.

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We had the pleasure of working with the Space Commander team on our latest project, The Dylan, . Craig and Mike were exceptional in dealing from the very beginning and in every aspect of our project’s needs: they were available, flexible and a valuable resource for our development. We were spoiled not only by the functionality of the product, but also by the installation service and the backup and support, they were top notch. We have no hesitation in recommending Space Commander for your storage solution.

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We were very impressed with the product, it was much bigger than we expected and beautiful. We will definitely use it in other developments.

Does not require walls or floors – perfect for setting up shared properties. Can be moved from place to place.

A single door that hangs on the top (not on the side) so that it will not swing out and hit the car in the place next to the car and the door can be opened if the car is not moving.

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Our wide range of sizes, consistent engineering, design and quality have made us the industry leader. Email [email protected] or call us on 0800 952 952 to arrange a no-obligation measurement of your car space!At the end of Potter Lane in Hampton, in the middle of a wooded area, you’ll find American Classic Storage – You are Langley. This wonderful location is accessible from the Hampton Roads Center. Go east on Commander Shepard Boulevard, turn right on N. Armistead Avenue and left on Potter Lane. It is at the end of the road. At this facility we serve Hampton plus Newport News and Norfolk. We are south of Langley Air Force Base.

Hampton has a population of 134,000 and is home to Langley Air Force Base, Hamptons Golf Course, Virginia Living Museum, Hampton History Museum, Hampton University, and more. Plum Tree Island Wildlife Refuge and Sandy Bottom Nature Park are also nearby.

Our units range from small to larger and are perfect for your storage needs, whether you’re a student at Hampton University who needs a little extra space or you run a large retail store and need extra space for excessive baggage, equipment or performance.

Our office is open from 9am to 6pm. Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Our customer portal is open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. every day, 365 days a year.

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With the growth of online sales, business inventory is needed more than ever. Whether you run an Etsy shop, a brick-and-mortar store, or a construction company that needs a place to store their equipment, you can find an item here. Store your excess items, craft supplies, paper, tools and more, and grab what you need when you have a trade or job.

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With bedrooms being so popular, you may need a little extra space for all your gear, especially out-of-season clothing. American Classic Storage’s self-storage units can give you more space at an affordable price. Keep in mind that self-storage rents a smaller space than an apartment, so you don’t have to move to a bigger place. Rent a 5’x5′ or 5’x10′ unit from us.

The reality of military life is that you often have to move from one base and assignment to another. You also may not know the size of your apartment, so sometimes you need something extra somewhere.

“Had a great storage experience here. We stocked here a few years ago and are very pleased to see the new owners and the wonderful improvements they have made to the site and operations. Our rates were competitive with others in the market, and we had friendly and detailed service. What more could you ask for? We’ll be back in our next installment. Thnx American Classic! “

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“Saved from the American Classic at VB. Had a good experience there. This place has good prices and the manager was very helpful in getting the right sign. The ceiling is high and you end up with a smaller group than expected..”

“The warehouse is good, but when it comes to someone on the phone to pay; it is almost impossible. It has been very difficult to reach anyone in the office these past few months. You cannot pay online here. Literally sat on the phone for 15 minutes with no answer. It’s really annoying..”

“American Classic Storage in Langley is a great place to store your belongings at home. The staff is amazing and the facility is very clean! We just love American Classic Storage in Langley! We highly recommend them.”

The size of the rental ad is only approximate; Units or spaces in the home may vary in shape and/or size. The customer should inspect the property / place for rent before signing the lease and should base his decision on the rental by checking the units / space and not the size of the ad. The rental value of a house is not based on square meters.

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What storage units are available in Hampton, VA? At American Classic Storage – Langley we offer a variety of sizes. Browse our full selection of items on this site and find one that fits your needs!

What storage space do I need in Hampton, VA? If you are not sure which size to choose, check the size chart to get a better idea of ​​what you need.

What is the correct time in Hampton, VA? The cheapest storage found at American Classic Storage – Langley is $94.

How much does a home in Hampton, VA cost? The average price of one stock in Hampton is $145.67.

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What items may I not store in a storage facility in Hampton, VA? There are items you cannot store at American Classic Storage – Langley. You cannot store flammable materials because of the risk of fire. These items include fireworks, fuel tanks, fertilizers, paint fumes, and so on. If it is flammable, do not store it. You can’t store guns either. You cannot keep animals or plants alive. Don’t think of storage devices as a substitute for a good babysitter. Not only is it an unfriendly storage space for people or animals to live in, but the food you leave out for your pets can also attract bugs. Likewise, plant soil can also attract insects. You may not store any food for the same reason, including but not limited to canned food, perishable food, dry food, or pet food. Food attracts insects and creates infestations in your storage space and spread to others. Finally, you cannot store illegal items such as prohibited weapons, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia and stolen goods. If it’s not legal to put it somewhere else, you can’t save it here.

Do I need a lock if I rent a storage unit in Hampton, VA? You need a lock to protect your storage space. You’ll want to bring your own lock

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