Star Wars Aftermath Audiobook Free

Star Wars Aftermath Audiobook Free – The trilogy ended with a celebration of the furry Ewoks, a group of ghostly Jedi who smiled and embraced the universe as the Rebel Alliance defeated the Evil Empire.

(in theaters December 18) introduces new characters and new conflicts in a distant, distant mirror 30 years after the events.

Star Wars Aftermath Audiobook Free

(Del Rey, on sale Sept. 4) begins to fill in the gaps, starting with the moments after the destruction of the second Star and the inhabitants of the entire world enjoying the destruction of the Rebels against the Emperor and his right hand. , Darth. Vader.

The Best Science Fiction Of The Year, Volume 5 By Neil Clarke

Rebel leaders from the films play important roles, including Admiral Ackbar and Wedge Antilles, an X-wing pilot in the story who is captured by an Imperial force traveling to the planet Akiva in battle of the remnants of the Empire after the Battle of Endor. But there are new players, chief among them Nora Wexley, a rebel soldier who returns to Akiva to reunite with her estranged son.

Watch an exclusive clip from the series below, which introduces a former Imperial officer who is important to the plot

Question. How do the Rebel Alliance and the Empire feel about their future?

A. Akbar’s speech is at the beginning of the story, and I think it holds up well—we’re seeing a big change in the galaxy from a time when the conflict wasn’t really fighting. In other words, this Rebellion is still black in the eyes of the Emperor. But that changed with the death of Palpatine and Vader: The Rebellion in the current New Republic. The rebellion was over.

Tarkin: Star Wars Audiobook By James Luceno

Q: You relive many important moments in the history of Star Wars movies. What would you like to point out?

A. Understanding some events – and later! – The Battle of Endar is very important to me. I grew up at the right age

Where it hit me right. And I love Ewoks. No one can take that away from me. I mean, I don’t have a tattoo on my arm that says “CHIEF CHIRPA 4EVA” or anything, but the Ewoks are a dangerous rebel force that cleanses their world of invading Imperials. Very well.

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Q. Likewise, there are many familiar faces appearing in Aftermath. Which adventure is the most fun to follow?

Doctor Aphra: An Audiobook Original

A. Hands down, Akbar. Look, one of the great things about the universe is that we have all these things that have a little screen time but have a big impact on us. Boba Fett, for example, is a cultural icon. Akbar is strange and war grizzled to me – and sitting him and his voice for the new book really upset me.

Q. You are introducing some interesting characters to the canon. Who do you think fans of the original movie trilogy will be coming soon?

A. Yes, I know I get a lot of joy every time Mr. Bones, the crazy battle droid. But honestly, I like to think that the relationship between Jas and Sinjir will appeal to people. A laser hunter and former Imperial Loyalty officer who desperately wants to live on this dead planet? Lots of fun there.

Q: When you were a kid watching Jedi, did you ever wonder what would happen after the Ewoks celebrated, or were you content to just watch the victory party?

Read A ‘star Wars: Aftermath’ Excerpt

A. I was always looking. I think the best stories never end. We as an audience are forced to ask what if, what could happen next, what now. Then, as a writer, you can bet I have my own head canon in my head – and now, ironically, some of that head canon has found its way into the database. and Story Group approved. It was like a dream. A true dream come true.

Q. This new journey in the Force Awakens in the books and comics is supposed to be a bridge between the original trilogy and the new movie. Do you have anything planned for Aftermath in regards to the movie that fans will see in December?

A. This book is the first step on that bridge. So, you’re going to see some things about the story going on, of course. There are names here. A place or two. And it’s a sign of starting to shake.

A. The way war continues after wars are over – and the impact on real people – is a concept you are studying. Or is there something that sometimes gets lost in the Star Wars saga between the big AT-ATs and the speedy speedboats we know and love?

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Lost Stars By Claudia Gray

A. Indeed, I think so. I don’t think it’s the movies’ fault, but I think it’s a good thing about the story genre where we get so much inside of things. We know that these wars and processes are real for them. In the movies, they have physical scars – like losing their arms – but mental and emotional scars, and the written form is a great place to show that. to something small. But in the end, it is

Story, and exciting chases, blaster battles and epic changes in the galaxy, written by some lonely aliens and strange heroes!

Akiva had imperial powers. It’s not just work. Like most of the worlds in the Outer Rim – turning on their axis at the corners of space – the Imperials used the world, but could not, or not.

Never make a formal complaint. These exoplanets are beasts, too evil, too wild, to fall under the yoke of the Galactic Empire. When Imperials came here, it was usually for personal reasons: drinks, perfumes, smokes, gambling, black dealers. Or just see the wild faces and unknown strangers who cross paths in this outpost of criminals and criminals.

Best Star Wars Audiobooks Of All Time In 2022

The current swept him here and threw him in this world of wild forests and rugged mountains, this place of black volcanoes and crystal sand beaches. Here it is. Sitting alone on the same bar, the back alley Myrra quadrant, with the same bartender Mon Calamari pushing drinks across the acacia wood bar.

Feeding the leaves of the Sashin—golden, sweet, sweet like a cross between a jibuk and an oh-oh, those little red berries his mother used to pick. It was his third day and the sun was only a few hours away. His head was like a fly in a tight web, struggling and trying to free himself before collapsing and falling into a deathly stupor.

Sinjir held the drink and looked at it as if looking at a loved one. With passion and desire, she told him, “You can trust me. I’m in.” Then he gave up on her and sent her back. It goes down easily. He turned around happily. Then he hit the bottom of the glass on the tree. “The bartender. The manager. A bartender! Someone else, please.”

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, and perhaps all, were long and bushy, with beards crowned with red skin, smoky lips, and greasy beards. His one arm was gone, replaced by the glowing silver limb of a protocol droid. It was a quick and ineffective job – the wires were stuck in the guts on his red shoulder. It was pleasant to look at, but Sinjir couldn’t care less now. He doesn’t need more than this.

Of The Best Star Wars Audiobooks

Pock gurgles and mutters to him in what the Moncals speak. They have one conversation at a time:

When this exchange was over, Sinjir asked again: “I will take it. . . All the stars in the sky are burning, aren’t they? Should I bring a comforter? What’s comforting, my squid-like friend? Give me that.’

The bartender snorted, his gelatinous frog eyes twitching, before bringing out a wooden bowl with a few ice cubes clattering in the bottom. Pok took a dirty bottle from the table: something was written on it with no original script. Just as he couldn’t understand Mon Cal’s words, Sinjir couldn’t decipher the message on the bottle. The Empire was not interested in learning the ways and languages ​​of other cultures. They don’t want their people to learn on their own time.

, in general. That fresh-faced young man was sitting cross-legged on the bed, scanning the lines of the foreign document with his long finger. The chain broke his finger. He says it’s better than administrative penalties — and faster.)

From A Certain Point Of View (star Wars) Audiobook By Renée Ahdieh

The chain is twisted. The smell from it can take the black paint off a TIE pilot’s helmet. He tasted it, expecting to set his tongue and throat on fire, but it was the opposite. Not tasty. Flower. It has a taste that is not the same as the smell. Return.

They talk to him, don’t they? Yes. He turned his head and raised both eyebrows in anticipation, only to see a Twilek sitting there. The skin is red

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