Stone Top Vanities For Bathrooms

Stone Top Vanities For Bathrooms – Adding textural beauty to the bathroom is a task that is often done with tiles that interact with the surrounding cultured modern finishes. The modern choice in recent years is wood with a durable texture that finds its way into humid environments. But that doesn’t mean you underestimate the power of stone and what it can do in the bathroom. As spa-style bathrooms become popular in modern homes, natural stone has regained importance for both its aesthetic and practical value. When polished at its best, the stone lends an air of luxury and sophistication!

Bathroom stone vanities don’t get more natural than this stunning piece that complements the bathtub [from: Nixon & Burke]

Stone Top Vanities For Bathrooms

Natural stone blocks are often used for accent walls in shower areas or come in the form of vanity tops that are otherwise made from wood. But today we look at bathroom cabinets that revolve around stone the best! Be it marble, granite or even onyx with its patterned brilliance; The best stone vanities blend into the style of the bathroom, even as they offer ‘something different’ in a distinctive way. From the dramatic to the understated, it takes a look at the best ideas around –

What Is The Best Natural Stone For A Bathroom Countertop?

Stone may not seem “different” than other modern bathroom finishes like wood, but it still has a different visual appeal thanks to its natural pattern. Each stone is different and while white marble is a classic that keeps the neutral color palette intact, black can become the iconic weight of a bathroom. Vanities made entirely of stone require special care when installed, and those that float above the ground require even more care. Pair it with a wooden table top or just a simple bowl sink and you have an elegant and space-saving vanity.

A stunning marble vanity for a chic modern bathroom featuring hexagonal floor tiles [Credit: Jonathan Mitchell Photography / SinglePoint Design Build]

Different stone bathrooms work in different bathrooms because each stone offers something unique. Marble bathrooms are perfect for minimalist, modern and contemporary bathrooms, while granite works with a variety of styles, from rustic and farmhouse to coastal and shabby chic. A less common choice like an onyx vanity is ideal for exotic bathroom styles like the Mediterranean where splashes of opulence and warmth feel right at home. Adding the right lighting to the side of a stone vanity is essential to emphasize its overall effect.

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Black slate is used to frame both the backsplash and the vanity in this small modern bathroom [from: Candent Design]

Adelina 60 Inch Antique Bathroom Vanity, Stunning Beveled Edges Cream Marble Counter Top

Even if you’re not always committed to stone, you can easily achieve a similar look in the bathroom with a concrete vanity that easily mimics stone. Combining different materials with concrete makes them more interesting and you can start with something as simple as brass fixtures for a great vanity. A mirror above the vanity with a matching metal frame and colorful pendant lights transforms a boring bathroom into a smart environment full of life. A touch of greenery with wood accents and indoor plants completes these dream bathrooms where stone deserves attention!

A granite countertop serves as a minimalist bathroom vanity with a matching style here [from: World of Appizers]

Sherry is a blogger who loves living her life to the fullest. She enjoys everything related to design, interior design and stylish modern trends. Born in California, Sherry grew up on open farms and wild environments, which defined her taste for design and her interest in seeing how structures and homes interact with beauty[…]Whether you’ve watched HGTV, love is a good thrift store. Looking to save money while building your new home or renovating your bathroom, building your own bathroom vanity is a great DIY project. Not only can you save money, but you can create a vanity that is uniquely you and perfectly matches the design of your bathroom, especially when you use natural or engineered stone for your vanity surface.

Thrift stores, garage sales, and even your parent’s attic can be great places to find upcycled or shabby chic vanities. A quick search on Pinterest reveals hundreds of upcycled vanities from antique dressers, old buffet tables and sideboards, and even large nightstands! You can even go the full DIY route and create your own vanity to perfectly match your stone remnants.

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Silkroad Antique Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Cream Marfil Marble Counter Top

If you’ve decided to go uphill, good for you! You are recycling and reusing old furniture that might otherwise go to waste. When you’re at a thrift store, local restorer, or garage sale, here are some things to look for furniture that can be repurposed for your new bathroom cabinets:

The sink is heavy. You need a piece of furniture that is sturdy enough to hold a quality sink and all the plumbing that comes with it. And if you want to add a rustic top for a touch of luxury, that’s all the more reason to look for solid, authentic wood furniture.

Not sure how to say it? Pick up the item or check inside the drawer. If the piece is laminated, it will feel very light and you will be able to see a small strip of laminate when you open the drawer.

If you plan to add a sink to your bathroom vanity, you’ll want to make sure you have enough room in the project to add the necessary plumbing. Choose a piece that has a large drawer at the top that can be closed and decorated or has enough space between the top and bottom doors.

Euro Wp900sdr 900mm Polyurethane Vanity With Stone Top And Round Drop In Basin

You may have to readjust a little, and that’s okay, but you want to make sure the piece is big enough to accommodate the perfect sink.

Finally, when you’re looking for the perfect piece of furniture to turn into a luxury bathroom cabinet, make sure you’re looking for items you can actually fix. If the furniture is too old or damaged, there is not much you can do with it. This is another good reason to look for hardwood pieces – they can almost always be salvaged with enough sanding and a quality paint or stain.

The bathroom is a difficult place in the room for furniture, given all the humidity and moisture in the room. One way to keep your reclaimed antique DIY bathroom cabinets looking good for years to come is to choose a stone countertop. Here are some of the best stone options for bathroom vanities:

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Scrap stone slabs can be relatively inexpensive and add a touch of uniqueness and class to your DIY vanities. They can also help make your vanities unique, as they can be made with natural stone patterns and colors that are sold out and no longer available in full size. While many countertop suppliers only sell full size slabs, Kowalski has a unique selection of scraps to choose from in granite and quartz.

Stone Bathroom Vanity Tops

With an array of different shapes and colors and textures, you’re sure to find something that perfectly matches the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve with your beautiful DIY bathroom cabinets. We always invite you to come down to our workshop and take a look around to see which scraps are best suited for your project.

And once you’ve chosen the perfect stone for your DIY bathroom cabinets, we’ll help you cut your leftovers to size, and we’ll even come out and install it for you. And just like that, your bathroom vanity project is complete!

If you’re looking for a beautiful, unique bathroom cabinet that you can say you designed yourself, you can’t beat one with a stone countertop. Kawalski offers a complete selection of beautiful granite, including granite and quartz cutting and installation services. We help you place your stone remnants on your vanities, perfectly. Plus, we repair your countertop when we install it. If your sink ever comes loose, we’ll come out and fix it for you for free

We have granite, marble and quartz remnants for your bathroom vanity project. Stop by our showroom to see our unique pieces! One of the most common questions we get about custom wood vanities is about surfaces. Are stone benches better than wooden benches?

Buy Ledin Havana 1500mm Stone Top Vanity

When it comes to choosing the right finish for your bathroom vanity, you have several options to consider. But before you make this decision, think about the style of your bathroom, who will use it and what your personal preferences are.

Although wooden vanities and mirror cabinets have become increasingly popular in bathrooms, ensuites or powder rooms.

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