Supercombi Power Management System

Supercombi Power Management System – With considerable success, Mai Dubai launched the fastest production line for bottled water in Asia, Oceania and Africa (AOA).

Mr. Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Managing Director and Head of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), recently inaugurated the Mai Dubai water line, which was completed in collaboration with Sidel, a leading equipment and solutions company. beverage service. food and drinks. Household and personal care products from PET, cans and bottles.

Supercombi Power Management System

The newly opened facility uses Sidel’s advanced Super Combi technology to produce a maximum output of 86,000 bottles per hour. Mai Dubai will take advantage of this high performance to expand its bottled water business and strengthen its leadership in the industry.

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“The foundation of Mai Dubai Water Drinking Company and Factory supports the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to provide drinking water in accordance with international standards and making Dubai the happiest city in the world for both residents and visitors Improving our commitment to cleanliness, safety and cost efficiency Benefits that will ultimately benefit all our stakeholders, including broad members of our society.” With the recent investment in the water production facility, we are now well positioned to make Mai Dubai the number one brand in the UAE market. After our partnership, we hope to develop a center of excellence for bottled water in Asia, Oceania and Africa,” added Al Tayer.

In collaboration with Sidel has started the pilot test of the digital EIT (Efficiency Improvement Tool), a line monitoring system, in Mai Dubai on the existing production lines. With full confidence in the company’s EIT platform, it opened the door for Sidel to demonstrate the power of its “Super Combi” technology, especially in terms of advancing the organization’s digital transformation efforts.

“The high-speed water line is revolutionary in terms of what traditional racing machines bring to the market, and it reflects how much we value innovation and how we are committed to every aspect of our operations.” Through our portfolio, innovation has allowed us to adapt to our customers’ changing preferences and stay ahead of the competition.”

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“The launch of the region’s fastest water bottling line at the Mai Dubai plant in Dubai is a testament to the partnership between two organizations coming together to enhance operational and production efficiency thanks to the latest technology in Sidel’s Super Combi. to provide our partners with advanced solutions to ensure they achieve their corporate goals, enhance their performance and help them grow their businesses in a sustainable manner. We are honored to trust Mai Dubai with our digital technologies and our solutions.”

Mai Dubai Sets Up Fastest Bottled Water Production Line In The Region

Mai Dubai is known for its extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and supplies its products to many countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the GCC. Since 2015, it has been Emirates Airline’s proud partner in the water business, with digital printing specialist Peacock Bros working with Little Bang Brewery to help increase the brewer’s sales volume from 5,000 to 400,000 liters per year. The artistry is aided by the use of bold artwork on the various types of cans, including one that features unique designs on each can.

In the first day, the factory ran on a tight marketing budget so it relied on the attractive appearance of the cans to capture the interest of online shoppers and stockists.

“I wanted to turn every beer can into a little person who sells things on the shelf,” said Ryan Davidson, founder of Little Bang Brewery. “We knew our business couldn’t afford a nationwide sales force to push our product, and that meant the same product had to be sold by us.”

The company will design its own logos, which will then be printed and affixed to beer cans by staff. This was a labor intensive operation that was impossible to scale as the business grew, so I turned to Peacock Bros. help.

Designing A Unique Can Of Beer

In addition to being able to produce brands with less manual labor than before, Peacock Bros. Features in the HP Indigo color digital label press, such as Mosaic variable data software functionality, have allowed the plant to remain creative while increasing productivity. This resulted in signs that are not only graphically interesting, but also unique.

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“Peacock Bros. is proud to serve as the brand and publishing partner of Little Bang Brewery,” said Ryan McGrath, group manager of Peacock Bros. “Our printed digital signs offer a high level of creativity and color diversity for Little Bang Brewery. Art, with the flexibility to print different signs for each SKU.”

Little Bang Brewery has partnered with Peacock Bros. To develop an algorithm that gave the beer bottle a different name and printed it in a unique way. The initiative was created for Little Bang Hazy IPA beer cans and has produced more than 75,000 different names so far, meaning 75,000 different labels have been printed in one series.

“Peacock Bros. has been a true partner to Little Bang Brewery. They helped us develop a scalable digital printing solution that enhanced our creativity and strengthened our brand personality which was immeasurable when our business was growing. is growing. a competitive brand And the Peacock Bros. solution has helped us do that,” Davidson said.

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McCormick has partnered with Berry Global to produce 100% recycled food coloring (rPET) bottles. McCormick, a company that manufactures various food ingredients, has been looking to increase the circularity of its packaging and has set packaging goals that will reduce net emissions to zero by 2050.

Bottles made from post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) can help a company reduce carbon emissions by about 59% compared to the same bottle made from virgin material.

“By partnering with great suppliers like Berry, we are able to source valuable recycled content, and 100% PCR glass enhances our journey towards our goal of reducing emissions through packaging,” said Michael Okorofor, Chief Sustainability Officer. of McCormick. Berry Global

Perfect Automation has partnered with Thanh Phu, a complete manufacturer of recyclable bags. The bag has gone through rigorous testing requirements, including real-world sample validation reports to ensure that recycling streams can actually handle those bags for complete recycling.

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This is made possible by Vexoflex and the bag construction. Moving away from multilayer films, the monofilament film based on polyethylene allows the entire package to be recycled and does not affect the barrier protection of dried, frozen and frozen foods.

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In addition to the bag format, the packaging solution is also available such as zipper closure, side flap, flat bottom and vertical to suit the user’s requirements.

Thanh Phu is a member of Australian Packaging Chartered (APCO), Australia’s national regulatory body that sets standards for responsible packaging.

The Epson Colorworks CW-4010 is designed to print color labels when needed in a variety of applications and environments. It is designed as a color upgrade for black and white thermal transfer printers and can print labels at up to 1200 dpi. The printer is SAP compliant, optionally connected to Wi-Fi, offers a speed of up to 100 mm/sec and has a color LCD display with automatic metal checking technology. It is also dust and water resistant for high duty cycle environments.

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The product produces different dot sizes that can accurately reproduce a variety of colors, smooth tonal gradations, and visual detail.

ESC/Label and ZPL II Interface Languages ​​ZPL II capabilities allow customers to use the company’s inkjet technology without reconfiguring existing systems and users can add custom extensions. The printer can be used for color spaces, product images, logos, and marketing messages.

Remote management tools allow you to manage a number of network printers. This allows IT support teams to organize print settings, create automatic alerts for products that need attention, publish automatic firmware updates and generate reports on hardware and consumable usage.

Printing uses colored inks with glossy or matte versions available for a variety of branding applications. Glossy black ink can print on a variety of substrates while matte black ink provides black, sharp text and matte images. Both are BS5609 certified.

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With bottled water being one of the most popular beverages in the UAE, Mai Dubai wanted to increase its market share in the region and turned to Sidel to upgrade its equipment. A new filling line has been installed with a capacity of 86000 fillings

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