Tavarnelle Val Di Pesa

Tavarnelle Val Di Pesa – Between Val di Pesa and Val d’Elsa, in the historic Chianti region, Tavarnelle is a village immersed in green hills, where you can especially appreciate nature, landscape and food and wine. The city has a typical medieval historical center with interesting monuments.

Tavarnelle Val di Pesa is located in the historic Chianti region of Tuscany. Its territory is located between Val di Pesa and Val d’Elsa. The toponym Tavarnelle comes from tabernulae and seems to refer to the town as a stop on one of the minor roads connecting the Via Francigena with the Via Volterrana. The existence of a place of refreshment is confirmed in 1427. land register, and it seems that in 1454 this Giulio di Francesco del Riccio – Baldi was the owner of the house with the adjoining tavern Osteria del Lyon. From the second half of the 19th century, a stage of government postilions operated on the Roman road connecting Florence with Rome. The village of Tavarnelle was never fortified and over time it merged with various neighboring villages, such as Il Borghetto, home of a Franciscan monastery, and Mocale, on the road to Marcialla.

Tavarnelle Val Di Pesa

The development of Tavarnelle took place only in the 19th century due to the movement towards its village on the way to Rome. In fact, in the 18th century, a stone bridge was built after the Poggio di Fabbrica for the crossing of the Pesa, a crossing that first took place at the Ford, so travelers crossed the Pesa on the stone bridge of Sambuca, and then reached Siena via San Donata, excluding the future capital. In addition to the development of roads, priority was given to agriculture, so in 1822 a weekly market was established on Thursdays. in 1944 The passage of the front of the Second World War caused a lot of damage to the city, and the town hall was completely destroyed. Tavarnelle in Val di Pessa in 1944. July 23 liberated by three companies of the Maori Battalion of the New Zealand Army. This was followed by rapid reconstruction and today the village of Tavarnelle is relatively undifferentiated, apart from the main street, which contains many interesting 16th-18th century buildings. At the end of the 20th century, the city underwent a remarkable urban development, favored by its excellent location between Florence and Siena.

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The Leonardo Museum of the village of Vinci is one of the largest and most original collections… The fate of the communities was decided in the shadow of the monastery of Vallombrosa, at the crossroads of the main trade routes between Siena and Florence.

Few traders are brave enough to take new steps. The need for night shelter has always led to the emergence of inns and lodgings. Tavarnelle is descended from those taverns, but the Via Cassia on which it stands did not always follow the same route and was not the first commercial road to cross these lands. Over the centuries, new roads led to the development of new populated centers, deciding their future or abandonment.

The Castellated Towers Of The Historic Abbey Of Passignano, In The Comune Of Tavarnelle Val Di Pesa, Province Of Florence, Italy Stock Photo

In the Middle Ages, merchants preferred the road that passed through Chianti and followed the ridge dividing Val d’Elsa and Val di Pesa. But when they reached the border between Florence and Siena, they became increasingly afraid of being attacked. They held fast to their possessions, turning to the neighboring friars of the monastery of Passignano in the hope of a safe haven. To their rescue came San Donato Poggio, a fortified village that welcomed them between two tall gates. The connection between travelers and the countryside has been strong for centuries, allowing San Donato to build walls, towers, a well with a cistern, and important Renaissance buildings that can still be seen and visited today.

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One of the strangest unwanted encounters on these roads is said to have involved Saint John Gualbert. Along the ancient Roman royal road, which ends at the bridge of Ramagliano in Sambuca, the charismatic monk of Vallombrosano, visiting some farmers near the river Pessa, would have met the devil himself. The encounter was so shocking and brutal that its memory was etched into the masses. This path today is a beautiful walk through the typical Tuscan forests known as Cerro and Roverella.

In the long game between Siena and Florence, on the Chianti chessboard, there was no shortage of unexpected moves to find new routes in enemy territory. To this he then responded by building new fortresses, as evidenced by the presence of a tower house around which villages were built that hoped one day to become important citadels. Today it is evidenced by two common origins and very different places. Poggio al Vento, thanks to its unrivaled view over a large part of Chianti, became a fortress of defense for the monastery and, although small in size, it gained prosperity and protection over time for its church and its walls, which are still intact.

A different fate befell San Polo a Torre, which is now inaccessible because it has been overrun by nature. The tall watchtower, which was soon populated by a small community that also housed a chapel, lost its interest in guarding the road and was abandoned. Today, the skeleton of the tower (only the base remains) is a warning that beauty should not be taken for granted, as history surrounds us but barely touches us. This beautiful century villa is for rent in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, about 25 km south of Florence. Chianti is located among ancient olive trees, overlooking the Tuscan hills. It has been renovated in great taste and style, retaining original features including beamed ceilings, brick arches and terracotta floors. It has all the ingredients you need for a relaxing and fun holiday in the Tuscan countryside.

Lovely Villa In Tavarnelle Val Di Pesa With Private Swimming Pool, San Donato In Poggio, Italy

Among the many amenities of this Tuscan luxury rental is a very large swimming pool (16 x 8m) overlooking the valley below. The pool also has a large mosaic hot tub. In addition, the villa has a wellness center and spa in the basement, which includes a heated whirlpool, sauna, automatic Shiatsu massage bed, gym, two showers and a changing room. Massages and beauty treatments are available upon request. This luxury villa rental in Tuscany also includes a games room, free Wi-Fi and laundry services.

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For those interested in Tuscan food and wine, typical products such as extra virgin olive oil and excellent Chianti wine, produced from olive groves and vineyards, are available locally. Wine and olive oil tastings, cooking lessons can be organized. For those who don’t want to cook every day, there is a canteen available every day upon request. Here, guests can relax in a cozy atmosphere and enjoy a variety of traditional Tuscan dishes. In summer, breakfast and dinner are served outside by the barn. Restaurant, museum and event reservation services are also available, as well as airport transfers and tours. The property is also perfect as a wedding venue for up to 30 people.

A large paved space, once a courtyard, leads to a large and characteristic terracotta room with stone walls, exposed beams, arches and a Tuscan fireplace creating a welcoming atmosphere. The La Casetta suite consists of a beautiful living room with a fireplace and a sofa, a small kitchen and a bedroom with a double bed and a bathroom with a shower and a bathtub. The suite has air conditioning and a mosquito net. Well equipped main kitchen with oven, fridge, dishwasher and washing machine. Large dining room with access to outside dining area with BBQ.

There is air conditioning, a safe, satellite TV, Wi-Fi and a mosquito net. Private bathroom with shower.

An Enchanting Villa In Florentine In Tavarnelle Val Di Pesa, Tuscany, Italy For Sale (10745851)

There is air conditioning, a safe, satellite TV, Wi-Fi and a mosquito net. Private en-suite bathroom with shower.

There is air conditioning, a safe, satellite TV, Wi-Fi and a mosquito net. Private en-suite bathroom with spa bath.

Il Treccone room: Double room that can be connected if needed. There is air conditioning, a safe, wireless internet and a mosquito net. Separate external bathroom with shower.

Il Garzone room: a room with a large characteristic balcony with wonderful views of the countryside. It has to

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