Telstra T48g Ip Phone

Telstra T48g Ip Phone – Yealink is not a brand you normally associate with Lync and the end of town corporation, but perhaps as a sign of Lync brand strength, they took their hat off and released two software phones for Lync.

I received the glove on the high end “T48G” and thought I would use it for shooting.

Telstra T48g Ip Phone

Out of the box, it looks like a pretty decent set, although maybe a bit too big at 26.5cm / 10.5in. The desktop stand has only one position, but I thought it worked.

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It surprises me that the display angle is not adjustable. The look of this phone, with its shiny surroundings embedded in the phone’s matte finish, screams “custom me” but unfortunately nothing.

After powering on, we saw a colorful splash screen for over a minute before being prompted to sign in. If your phone loses connection while you were previously signed in, it will automatically turn on and sign in.

You have the option to sign in with a PIN or enter your full credentials, along with an on-screen QWERTY touch pad that we haven’t seen since Tanjay.

At the bottom of the screen is the main menu with four options: Favorites, History, Contacts, and Menus. The clock is displayed in the center and tapping the photo in the top right corner brings up a menu to change status or sign out. Yealink Replacement Handset For Sip T46s, Sip T48s And Microfiber Cloth

The phone can be customized from the Embedded Web Server, the OSD menu, or a separate license server. In addition, it supports both http and https sites and it is enough for the phone to provide the IP address and then login via the browser (admin / admin BTW). I’m slightly annoyed (but at the same time reassured) that in preparing this review, I left the web interface alone long enough for me to run out and ask for re-authentication.

Both admin interfaces are well laid out and easy to use. The network interface has a “?” an icon next to almost any parameter, and although some are not accessible by help text, it’s better than nothing.

Some functions can be turned on and off from the phone, while others can only be controlled through the browser. Two examples are Call Waiting and Auto Answer. The former – the “Busy when busy” version when disabled – can be set from the phone, while the latter can only be enabled from the browser.

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My phone has firmware and I used the provided Lync “.cab” file to convert it to (Pat’s script loaded it into Lync with no problem.) Leaving the review overnight, I woke up the next morning to a phone asking “New software. Update now? “Where I would expect it to happen automatically. Once granted, the process ends as expected and goes back to the home screen, BToE still works. Unless I missed something, I guess. this is an intended operation, so hopefully when the software matures we can see

Yealink Telstra Sip T48g Ip Phone Dual Gigabit New |

BTW with a separate “.rom” file you also have the option to update the firmware directly on the phone itself.

I do nothing more than read the 200+ page licensing guide. It explains the different ways your phone will try to detect the license server and guides you through the setup process. Phone can be set to automatically check for configuration updates at regular intervals (daily/weekly/interval) or can be started remotely to force reboot and check for new configurations .

I was able to use my phone right after turning it on and accepting my PIN – the defaults seemed pretty accurate (see “Time” section below). I intentionally avoid the manual as much as possible and find it quite intuitive to drive.

Yealink and Lync are clearly early days, but the T48G is certainly an impressive introduction to their first venture. OK, yes, I think you want to be impressed with their flagship headphones. A bit of cryptic on-screen typos and some of the other glitches mentioned above will definitely take too long to be fixed.

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Blessed with a lower-than-average level of patience, I absolutely *love* that the T48G feels well-powered – the user interface is *very* responsive.

Despite its large size, it needs to support a large touchscreen and make the phone VERY easy to drive. Considering it’s huge, the physical buttons are well spaced so you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong one.

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So far, only the much smaller T48G and T22 have been put to work on Lync software. The gap between the two can become an obstacle to early adoption by customers who want a consistent look to their phones for those still looking for that comfort. Perhaps if some mid-range models also get the Lync firmware option, the appeal of this model will increase many times.

With official Lync support (obviously being certified), BToE, manager/secretary features, and a fast, easy-to-navigate user interface, I think you can easily find the T48G on your desk work of executives and their associates. The question is how far up the food chain they will go, but if the lower models can perform at a similar level and Yealink is serious about the Lync and Skype for Business market, we could have a rival. Exciting new player on the field.

Yealink Sip T48g Gigabit Ip Phone

My test phone arrived with Yealink and as always, thanks to Rocky for the photos (though I think the fingerprint on the screen is mine). Please note that the SIP T41P / T42G / T46G / T48G has been discontinued on April 1, 2020. After this date, new orders for the product will not be accepted. After the End of Life Date, we will not develop any new features in SIP-T41P/T42G/T46G/T48G, but will follow industry standard practices for software support of the products. End of Production (EOL). In line with those standards, it will continue to provide after-sales and support services. The general policy guidelines are as follows: (1) For the first year from the expiration date, it will provide full support, including hardware/software support, applying existing SW fixes , new non-regulatory SW fixes, new critical SW fixes, and new security fixes. (2) During the second to fifth year after including End of Life, he will try to fix the WC bugs. During the EOL support phase, a product SW upgrade to an existing newer version will also be considered a SW fix. In some cases, patches may not be available due to hardware or software architecture limitations and it will be decided by itself which patches, if any, will be made available. (3) will not provide any new features/improvements at the end of the shelf life. (4) Spare parts or spare parts for equipment will be available depending on local distributors. Contact local distributors for technical support and HW repair and refund (subject to availability). Local distributors will provide appropriate HW support under the Return of Materials Authorization (RMA) process. (5) As of the sixth year after the End of Life, His Holiness will not provide any Support. While we will do our best to support End of Life Products in accordance with our End of Life Policy, it reserves the right to change its policy as it sees fit. will notify you of any changes to its End of Life Policy through the EOL Products Website and we encourage you to visit this website regularly as it provides useful information regarding End of Life program. I would like to recommend that you upgrade your product to our newer products that have more functionality so you can continue and enjoy a high level of service. The recommended replacement for SIP-T41P/T42G/T46G/T48G is SIP T41S/T42S/T46S/T48S, which offers more feature rich technology. It is hoped that the termination of SIP-T41P/T42G/T46G/T48G sales will not affect the existing service relationship and service quality. We always strive to provide you with excellent products and services. If you have any questions regarding this discontinuation, please contact the appropriate sales representative or local distributors. Thanks for your continuous support! For more information about the recalled product, please click http://support. . Network Technology Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

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The SIP-T48G is the latest innovative IP phone for a rapidly changing world. Specifically designed for domestic and international use by businesses, industry and commerce, it incorporates a large touch panel that makes switching between different screens and applications quick, easy and convenient. Optima HD technology carefully creates the impression that you are sitting practically across from the person on the other side of the conversation. The T48G is also built for Gigabit Ethernet and allows for very fast connection handling and the use of accessories such as Bluetooth USB Dongle and Wi-Fi USB Dongle. The

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