Thai La Ong Restaurant

Thai La Ong Restaurant – In which your humble correspondent makes his way through Thai food on King Street to fight hard against Sydney’s gritty street crime.

But first things first, before we become gravelly and creamy. Thai La-Ong 2 is not a sequel to Thai La-Ong, but an alliance – with yellow walls instead of green. The menu is the same, the food is the same, with the same taste, the staff is the same – we had the same waiter, and the bill is of the same level of silliness that will have you shaking your head in surprise. Or go. They are good. Go, go now, you can choose between yellow and green.

Thai La Ong Restaurant

Strapolina joins us tonight to entertain guests from Canberra, Fiona and Reynaldo. They are former neighbors and old friends whose children and our children bounced from house to house in a tight pinball group. until they all grew up and started hopping around the planet instead. Fiona and Raynald want to join us in this quest, and we’re confident that Thai La-Ong 2 will be at least good enough that we probably won’t risk permanent damage by forcing their friendship.

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In the restaurant, we are greeted by yellow walls and shrimp crackers. It’s smaller and emptier than its partner, which is good because none of us have 20-20 hearing anymore and there’s still a lot to do. With stories about old friends and new lovers, Bambi and Thumper, Twitterpassion brings hilarity – obviously nothing to do with the internet, summer camp jobs, young people in general and menu discussions. We’ve already tried number 37, so let’s go to 73? Or maybe 10 (3+7 – I had to explain it to myself). Then Renald stood up, demanded the entire Snapper, and Strop ordered the outbreak of chaos to be stopped. She was doing relatively well until she was drawn away by the shiny little temples scattered around the restaurant and felt the need for some cultural enrichment and education. He soon tried to explain to the waiter, expanding his limited English vocabulary, to explain the various sculptures, paintings and small canvas banners with green crocodiles on them. Ironically, we learned that Thai crocodiles have a tendency to grab cash, while some of the native crocodiles in Newtown used Fiona’s cash.

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We first learn that something is wrong when the young couple behind Strop and Fiona suddenly leave without orders. Then the manager of Thai Rifique arrives from next door and the employees gather in front of the restaurant. Suspicious, they ask Stroop and Fiona to check their bags hanging loosely behind their chairs.

Of course we’re all experts on what crocodiles look like – that girl was totally out of order – I thought there was something wrong with them – don’t you think it’s odd that they chose to sit right behind us – She was gorgeous though – shame that has ruined her life. But unfortunately no one actually saw anything and no one said anything about their suspicions when it could have been useful. We weren’t on our guard. We have not been to any foreign country. We had so much fun.

While we wait for the police, food arrives and distracts us with desserts, especially rich beef masamune and fennel fish, pla rard pric.

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After ice cream at Gelatomasi, where the owner asked us to “sit up front and make sure our seat is taken”, we end the eventful evening with a visit to the Newtown Police Station. While Fiona and Strop give their statements, I go through the pictures on my phone and realize I took a picture of one of the crocodiles. I thought it was a great success in this case, even if it was in low light and mostly out of focus, but the police didn’t seem as enthusiastic as I was. CSI Newtown will have to wait

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Thai Riffic follows, our first line and for a while the last Thai. I can’t wait, but we will hold our purses firmly in our laps and our eyes will sparkle. There is a forest outside.

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