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We love to add a little luxury to our long trips around the world. So when we found ourselves near the resort-filled Langkawi island during our anniversary. and was invited to be a guest of the resort So we jumped at the chance to find out what The Danna Langkawi was all about.

The Danna Langkawi Reviews

We are now here to bring you a complete Danna Langkawi review of this gorgeous 5-star resort. located in the paradise of Langkawi

Countess Sea View Suite

Danna Langkawi blew us away from the moment we arrived. Instead of queuing at the front desk We had seats in the large lobby with high ceilings. Here they gave us a cool towel and refreshing welcome drink. Impressed.

However, before my next sip of recovery juice, The masseuse was working on our shoulders, wow! this is luxury

For anyone considering luxury resorts in or around Malaysia, we’d like to review what makes The Danna Langkawi so amazing.

So this review of The Danna Langkawi brings you our top 10 reasons why this beach resort is the perfect luxury getaway in Malaysia.

Hotel Review: The Danna Langkawi

The waterfront infinity pool at The Danna Langkawi is huge. In fact, we’re told it’s the largest infinity pool on the island.

It’s so big that even on a busy day You still feel like you’re just one of the few people who enjoy diving.

Personally, we enjoy swimming by the pool to relax and enjoy the view of the beach.

Danna Langkawi’s swimming pool features a Jacuzzi. which welcomes you the most as you relax in the clear water oasis.

The Danna Langkawi From S$ 169. Langkawi Hotel Deals & Reviews

The sun loungers by the pool were comfortable. If you want to stay dry Sit back and one of the friendly pool staff will help you adjust the roof to your liking.

Waited there long enough. You’ll get free bottled water, small snacks, and even a sample from the ice cream parlor.

Or if you want to take it to the next level Lets flag the server for cool drinks, glamorous cocktails and mocktails waiting for you.

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Start with free breakfast Danna’s breakfast is huge and includes everything you could want, from cereal and fruit to local made-to-order meals and everything in between.

Reasons Why You Should Stay In The Danna Langkawi, One Of Malaysia’s Ultimate 5 Star Luxury Getaways

The daily changing egg dish was a nice touch, but for us, the standout breakfast was the delicate pastries.

Cozy restaurant This place serves everything from western food such as club sandwiches and burgers. to local delicacies such as Penang char kway teow and seafood fried rice (MYR 32-55).

For a truly relaxed meal, try Chef’s Lunch held at Danna’s Backyard, where you’ll learn how to cultivate local specialties.

The chef may ask you to help after grilling to add a little fun. Finally, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with four of the most delicious local signature dishes.

Hotel Review: The Danna Langkawi, Kedah In Malaysia

Danna’s rendition of Malaysian cuisine has remained one of our favorite local dishes in our country for a month and a half.

We are still trying to find out what the wonderful Chef Dzahir does with the chicken to make the chicken juicy and delicious. Whether you enjoy the chef’s lunch or not, we recommend the Chicken Perch (available for RM60 for dinner). It’s a must-try.

Here, pianists provide a soft backdrop to the elegant colonial interior. The Planters also offers an extensive menu with Asian options (RM30-70), Maine Indian (30) menus. RM-60 Malaysian), decadent options of grilling (70-250 MYR) or pizza and pasta (RM40-55 Malaysian).

We are spoiled too Chateaubriand The most amazing we have ever tasted and highly recommend this steak which is imported from Australia.

The Danna Langkawi Luxury Resort & Beach Villas(langkawi): 2022 Room Price Deals Review

In addition to the Chateau Brion and Chicken Konshak We can also recommend one of the tasting plates or trios. This allows you to try many local specialties in one dish.

The Planters is said to be the only restaurant in Langkawi where you will find this sophisticated French tradition. In true style, maître d’ specializes in preparing desserts while serving them at the table.

Our Viceroy, overlooking the pool and beach, was one of the nicest hotel rooms we’ve ever stayed in.

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The large bathroom has a rain shower. Or you can opt for a separate shower instead. Have both.

The Danna Langkawi Resort & Beach Villas

And even a sliding door into the bathroom In case you want to watch TV while you or look out at the sea while relaxing in this resort paradise.

42-inch TVs are nice, but who needs that when you have a great balcony to look out for? This is our favorite part of the room. because you can watch the world go by The room is heaven

It’s always difficult to pass Danna’s attractive pools without taking a dip. But if you can muster the will to take a few steps forward. You will have a beautiful private white sand beach.

Danna Beach is surrounded by a marina on one side and mountains on the other. Each allows for spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

The Danna Langkawi, Langkawi Hotel Price, Address & Reviews

Or use other methods at the same time and swing around in a comfortable hammock. and immersed in the sound of the waves crashing in Then let the bar staff know you’re thirsty. Once again they will happily serve you drinks. so you don’t have to move As I said…heaven

There is a large swimming pool. High ceilings are spacious throughout the restaurant. large bathroom and a large balcony

The attention to detail and the little touches at Danna Langkawi really impressed us.

The welcome message and cookies we encountered in our room were impressive. Drinking water and snacks while relaxing by the pool. The espresso machine in the room was so delighted that we were pulled out of our comfy bed each morning.

The Danna Langkawi Review: What To Really Expect If You Stay

The staff not only remember our names. They also get to know our daily schedule and drink selections. Honey for breakfast comes from the hive instead of the bottle. The smile found on my cappuccino gives a smile to our faces.

The welcome massage was very good. It helped us enter Danna’s carefree vacation. While the gift of chocolate is a farewell that will help leave with lasting memories.

And it’s a true “experience”. All of which makes The Danna Langkawi stand out and shine.

On our wide journey We’ve stayed in our fair share of luxury accommodations and 5-star cruises. However, we’ve never had a well-trained staff. As professional and friendly as The Danna Langkawi.

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The Danna Langkawi

The service at Danna Langkawi is excellent. Always professional and friendly. Their memory is amazing because they remember not only our names but also our drink choices.

When we meet the staff during the day They will remember our times and ask how things were going. They all looked so elegant that it felt like they were talking to their friends. rather than being a crew We love this and it makes us feel very comfortable.

When we weren’t traveling, my wife Heather was a broker and recruited at the resort herself. Therefore, he knew very well how difficult it was to find such a great talent. And he made several comments during our stay that Whoever recruits (and training) works wonderfully. Because all the resort staff are awesome.

Impeccable service is always more than a smile. but a sincere smile It was the staff who created all the magic at Danna Langkawi and made it a wonderful experience.

The Danna Langkawi Joins The Ranks Of Small Luxury Hotels Of The World

The drinks at Danna Langkawi are definitely worthy of praise. I mean, your day starts with complimentary sparkling wine at breakfast.

Then there’s the extensive cocktail list. From familiar beverages to their own condiments. Each menu is prepared by a highly trained bartender.

We tried more than half a dozen drinks there. A favorite for our palate is Tall & Long, a classic blend of gin and Singapore Sling.

The poolside cafe is nice to drink at the bar and enjoy in the pool lounge. However, it’s also a fun and friendly place to grab a chair and chat with friends. in the time of happiness which coincides with the setting sun

A Stay At The Danna Langkawi, Malaysia

The Veranda Bar is much better. This seems like the perfect place for a martini.

The accompanying snacks go well with a drink. We found the live music here a great way to enjoy a bedtime cap on the comfy bed that awaits us.

We really appreciated that the drink prices were quite reasonable for a luxury resort and not as exorbitant as it was for a resort.

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