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Thrifty Car Hire Vancouver – A story by consumer advocate Christopher Elliott caught my eye, describing how a man was paid $932 to return his car to Terminal 1 instead of Terminal 2 at Minneapolis St. Paul Airport (MSP). But I think something else is happening.

A customer contacted Elliott, who writes the nationally syndicated Travel Troubleshooter column, to complain about a $932 charge from Thrifty Car Rentals. He claimed he was paid $932 to drive the car to the wrong terminal in Minneapolis, 3.8 miles away.

Thrifty Car Hire Vancouver

First, Thrifty doesn’t care if you return the car to Terminal 1 or 2 MSP. This website and the contract do not distinguish between two withdrawal points. Second, Callum also notes that the man picked up the car in Santa Ana, California and drove it back to Minneapolis.

Help! I Received This Letter From Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty, & Firefly Car Rentals Via Usps Mail. It States That I Used A Rental Vehicle In The Commission Of A Misdemeanor Or Felony

This is called a one-way rate and always has a large drop-off fee. Elliott simply failed to understand this, buying into the customer’s mistaken belief that the charge came from returning the car to the wrong terminal.

“It’s true that rental car companies routinely charge extra when you leave your car in the wrong location. But almost $1,000 for four miles seems like a lot. That works out to $245 per mile. Not me!”

I went to Thrifty’s website and looked for a one-way car rental from Santa Ana (SNA) John Wayne Airport to Minneapolis Airport (again, no difference between Terminal 1 or 2, the only option was MSP being the airport).

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Note the deceptively low bold price for a week’s rental and all taxes and fees below. What could have caused the price to rise so much?

Vancouver International Airport Car Rental

You see, the problem wasn’t that the guy got paid $932 for dropping his car off at the wrong terminal. Instead, he was fined $932 for picking up the car in California and dropping it off in Minnesota. This is the standard among car rental companies in the United States. Whether he was informed in advance of this fee is a different matter altogether.

Why so high Thrifty charges 49 cents per mile from origin to destination for its one-way fare, and the distance between the two airports is:

Wondering why so few people trust the media? Maybe it’s because even mainstream travel writers don’t often show their zeal. The first way is that it is very expensive to rent a car one-way. The second is that the man was not charged $932 for returning his car to the wrong terminal at MSP. Something else is happening here.

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