Tinder Name And Shame

Tinder Name And Shame – The dating app knows me better than me. But this treasure trove of personal data is just the tip of the iceberg. of the iceberg What happens if my data is hacked or sold?

A July 2017 study revealed that Tinder users were willing to unwittingly disclose information. Photo: Alamy.

Tinder Name And Shame

On Wednesday December 18, 2013 at 9:24 PM (one second left) from the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, I wrote “Hello!” for my first Tinder match. Since that day, I’ve opened the app 920 times and matched 870 people. Whether it’s a couple, friends, or a bad first date. I forgot everything else, but Tinder didn’t.

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This dating app has 800 pages about me. And it might be about you if you’re one of the 50 million users. In March, I asked Tinder to give me access to my personal data. According to Tinder, all European citizens can do so under EU data protection laws. But few people really do.

With the help of privacy activist Paul-Olivier Dehaye and human rights lawyer Ravi Naik from personaldata.io. I emailed Tinder asking for my personal information, and it got more rewards than I expected. About 800 pages returned with information like my Facebook “likes”, a link to where my Instagram photos would appear. If I didn’t delete the account in question before. my education level My Rating for the age of men I’m interested in How many Facebook friends When and where does each online conversation occur with one of my partners? The list will continue.

Olivier Keyes, a data scientist at the University of Washington, said: “I was shocked by the amount of data. But it’s no surprise.” “Every app you use regularly on your phone has it. [Type of Information] Like Facebook, there are thousands of pages about you!”

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I felt guilty while looking at the information page by page. I was amazed at the amount of information voluntarily disclosed. From location, interests, work, to images. musical taste and what I like to eat But I knew right away that I wasn’t the only one. A July 2017 study revealed that Tinder users are unwittingly willing to disclose information.

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“You are being tricked into revealing all this information,” says Luke Stark, a digital technology sociologist at the University of Dartmouth. “Apps like Tinder are taking advantage of a simple emotional phenomenon. We don’t feel it. Information. That’s why we see everything in typing hits you we are living things We need a substance.”

After reading the 1,700 Tinder messages I’ve sent since 2013, I set out to explore hopes, fears, sexual orientation. And the deepest secret, Tinder knows me well. It knows that I’m copying the same jokes over and over to fit the real, humiliating 567, 568, and 569 versions. They had to trade with 16 people at the same time on New Year’s Day. and then haunted 16 of them.

“What you’re describing is called secondary exposure,” explains Alessandro Acquisti, a professor of information technology at Carnegie Mellon University. “Tinder knows you better when you study your behavior in its app. It knows you, the frequency and duration of the bonds, and the timing of your interactions.” continue Percentage of white men, black men, Asian men you match with What kind of person are you interested in? Which word do you use most often? The time people spend on your pictures before they swipe your finger, etc. Personal data is the fuel of the economy. Consumer data is being traded and traded for advertising purposes.”

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Tinder: “You shouldn’t expect private messages, chats, or other communications. Yours is safe forever.” Picture: Alamy

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What happens if these treasures are hacked? publicly or acquired by another company I could almost feel the shame I had to face. The idea that someone at Tinder might have read it before sending me 800 pages. make me cringe Tinder’s Privacy Policy clearly states: “You should not expect personal information, chats, or other communications to be shared with you.” Yours is always safe.” A few minutes later. There is a very clear tutorial on GitHub called Tinder Scraper that “collects user data to find insights that may be made available to the public”, saying that Tinder is just being honest.

In May An algorithm was used to scrape 40,000 profile photos from the platform to create artificial intelligence for “gender” faces a few months ago. Danish researchers have revealed 70,000 profiles from OkCupid (owned by Match Group, Tinder’s parent company), which some critics call “white supremacists”, who use the data to create a relationship between intelligence and intelligence. Religious beliefs. The information is still there.

Why does Tinder need all this information from you? “To provide a personalized experience for each of our users around the world,” said a Tinder spokesperson. by considering various factors when showing possible matches to provide a personalized experience for each user.”

Unfortunately, Tinder is less open when asked how I can use my data to customize these matches. And what kind of profile will I display?

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“Our matchmaking tools are an integral part of our technology and intellectual property. And finally, we are unable to share information about our proprietary tools,” the spokesperson said.

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The problem is 800 pages in my profile. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. “Your profile affects who you see first on Tinder, yes,” Dehaye says, “and what job opportunities you get on LinkedIn. How much will you pay for car insurance? Ads you’ll see in a test tube and whether you can apply for a loan

“We are moving towards a more opaque society. invisible world The information gathered about you determines the larger aspects of your life. Ultimately, your entire being is affected.”

Tinder is often compared to a bar full of singles. But it’s like a bar full of singles. A selection for me as I study my behavior. read my diary and pick a new one based on my reaction on the floor.

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As a typical millennial who is always attached to their phones. So my virtual life is completely integrated with my real life. There’s no difference, Tinder is a way to meet people. that’s my reality It is true that other people are constantly forging. But good luck trying to find a way.

This article was edited October 5, 2017 to clarify: Tinder links to Instagram photos on connected accounts. But Instagram photos are not stored on the Tinder servers and in the Tinder data report. “connection_count ” refers to the user’s Facebook friends, not the number of times the user connected with other Tinder users.

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