Too Faced Everything Nice Palette

Too Faced Everything Nice Palette – If you liked the Holiday 2013 Too Faced Too Faced Eye Love Palette (review here), you will love this post. ). CAD or $56 USD) for bigger and better. The palette set includes tons of shadows (20 to be exact), blushes, bronzers, highlighters, and other fun extras. Click to see some changes and my review……

The Everything Nice palette comes in a pink cardboard package with a beautiful gold engraving on the outside.The inside also sparkles with gold for a beautifully feminine celebration.

Too Faced Everything Nice Palette

The palette has all the shades on one side and the face powder and 3 mini face brushes on the other side. The brush has white synthetic bristles and a plastic handle with gold glitter embedded (no fallout). The quality is good, but I use a full size brush even when I travel, so I think it’s overkill.

Too Faced Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Second Slice Sweet & Spicy Eyeshadow Palette

The included Better Than Sex Mascara does not fit in the palette. A stand-alone accessory that can be stowed in a pouch with a hot pink shimmer on one side. The screws were tight, so I had no issues.

Compared to last year’s A Few of My Favorite Things Palette, the Everything Nice Palette is thicker because the blush side is made heavier to accommodate the brush set.

Here are swatches and reviews of all the shadows and face powders in the palette. I have so many shades to coordinate with and I’m always just saying “this is beautiful and nice” and I’m experimenting with new designs to review palettes. Hopefully this new format will be shorter and better. Let us know what you think!

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Also, I won’t be reviewing Better Than Sex Mascara because I tried a set of mascaras last year, but I wasn’t a big fan of the formula (I think I reviewed it soon).

Too Faced Everything Nice Palette Review

I think this palette would be a great gift for yourself and other makeup lovers.All the face powders here are really good.60% shades are great and only a couple of complete duds It was. Even if you own last year’s palette, we recommend checking this out because even though the shades are 50% equivalent, they are only 10% to 15% similar. And finally, the packaging is gorgeous and my girly girl screams every time she sees this palette!

Too Faced is available online and at her Sephora store. The set is currently on sale online, but I think it’s too early to sell out completely, so I’m sure we’ll be back soon.When I saw this palette at Sephora in Hollywood, I knew I couldn’t go home without it. thought. It is absolutely beautiful, almost too beautiful to use!

The Everything Nice set is part of Too Faced’s Holiday series. It’s exclusive to Sephora, so it’s hard to use if you don’t have access to Sephora in your country.

Priced at NZD$71, this palette is an amazing value. You get 20 full-size shades, 2 blushes, a bronzer, a highlighter, 3 blushes, a glittery pink zipper pouch, and a deluxe size of Better Than Sex Mascara. It’s well worth your spending!

Too Faced Everything Nice Palette

Most eyeshadows are frosty/glitter, but there are a few matte tosses in there and a nice range of neutral and statement colors.

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It is a dark, powdery beige (not much of the pigment payoff you would expect in lighter shades. Hard to swatch!)

It’s a reddish brown with a greenish duo chrome shimmer (hard to see on the watch, but quite rare…in a good way!)

It’s light blue with light blue glitter (the glitter is a bit off, but the color is nice)

Too Faced Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Second Slice Sweet And Spicy Eye Shadow Palette

These shadows look great in color and apply well, apart from some lighter shades that are difficult to swatch but look great on the eye! Some of the frosty/dark shades create an autumnal feel So be careful! It is recommended to apply eye makeup before covering under the eyes.

Bubblegum pink blush. I’m not a fan of pinks like this in general, but this applies very well.It’s not too heavy and is buildable.

I can’t get enough of this shimmery peach blush! I love more natural looking blush shades and this is perfect!

Brushes: Set of 3 half-length brushes with gold glitter handles. One looks like a contour brush, and there is one that looks like a liner his brush and a regular shadow his brush. These are the perfect size to toss in your purse and I love the sparkly handles!

Coming 2 America Mini Color Palette

Mascara: Deluxe sized “Better Than Sex” mascara. I love this mascara – it quickly became my favorite.Unlike the benefits, it makes my lashes look fuller and longer

The set also comes with a glittery pink pouch, which I initially thought was meant to store the palette – which I thought would be nice for protection while traveling! So I was disappointed when I found out that it wasn’t actually big enough to fit on the innerboard. Not good quality 😦

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This palette definitely has something for everyone. All the colors you need are in one package, so it’s perfect for traveling! They also provided a small booklet of looks to try. This always comes in handy and I can’t wait to start creating looks!

I can safely say that I am obsessed with Too Faced right now. Not only are their products beautiful and of high quality, they are cruelty-free and contain no parabens or sulfates.Their brushes are “teddy bear hair” and their products are not tested on animals. It is convenient for

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Buy this set if you can – it’s a great value and makes a great gift!

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