Toyota Kluger Gx 2wd

Toyota Kluger Gx 2wd – Australians have many choices when it comes to buying a new car. There are over 60 car brands to choose from in the country below, but despite all the options, we gravitate towards Toyota.

One in five new cars sold in 2016 was from a Japanese brand (17.8 percent market share to be exact). And, given our love for SUVs, the Kluger is one of its most popular models.

Toyota Kluger Gx 2wd

The family wagon received a major mid-life update for 2017 with refreshed looks, an updated direct-injection V6 and an eight-speed automatic transmission (replacing the old model’s six-speed).

Toyota Kluger Gx Review

Toyota offers six models in the Kluger range – GX, GXL and Grande trim levels – each with front- or all-wheel options. All are equipped with the same 3.5-liter V6 and automatic transmission.

We test the entry-level option, the Kluger GX 2WD, which starts at $43,550 (plus on-road costs); That’s a $1,360 increase over the pre-facelifted model that arrived in 2014.

Standard equipment for the GX includes 18-inch alloy wheels, cloth trim, air conditioning, cruise control, front fog lamps, auto headlamps and a six-speaker sound system. doing

Toyota doesn’t offer Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, but it does have its own Toyota Link smartphone integration.

Toyota Kluger Review

On the safety front, the GX comes with seven airbags, a reversing camera and rear parking sensors. Active safety features, including forward collision warning and lane departure warning, are limited to Grande models.

Toyota offers capped-price servicing for the Kluger, but intervals are every six months/10,000km, which is shorter than most rivals, which offer 12 months/15,000km.

But with each visit costing only $180/60,00km for the first three years, it’s a relatively affordable $1080 to maintain.

When you step inside, it’s easy to see why Kluger is a popular choice for families. The cabin is hard wearing and spacious.

Toyota Kluger Black Edition Review

It lacks the polished presentation of some rivals, notably the Mazda CX-9, with some cheap materials and basic design. But it offers good space for people and lots of small item storage space.

The front seats are comfortable enough, but lack lateral support. Same goes for the second row seats.

The middle row of seats fold forward to make access to the third row relatively easy. The second row can slide forward and backward, so you can trade leg room for passenger space.

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Toyota Australia offers the Kluger with a single engine option – a 3.5-litre V6 petrol. Despite its popularity among large SUVs, it lacks a diesel option; If you want a Toyota seven-seater with a turbo diesel, you should consider the Prado or Fortuner.

Toyota Kluger 2019 Review: Gxl 2wd

The engine now features direct injection for improved fuel efficiency, reducing fuel consumption from 10.2-litres to 9.1-litres per 100km; A significant improvement, but it’s still a thirsty SUV.

It is also a power; With 218kW of power and 350Nm of torque, despite its considerable size, the Kluger packs a punch on the road.

It’s not the most refined V6 you’ll find with a gruff grunt, with a noticeable kick under hard acceleration. However, the new transmission not only helps with fuel economy, but also smooths out some of the roughness, offering a better spread of ratios for better performance most of the time.

The engine gets the job done and there is no problem pulling the machine even with a full load on board.

Toyota Kluger For Sale Midland, Wa

Because it’s so punchy, the front wheels can sometimes struggle under hard acceleration, prompting some torque-steer (pulling the steering wheel with your hands).

Make no mistake, this is a family hauler pure and simple. If you’re looking for an SUV that can take the kids to school and enjoy the long country, look elsewhere.

Toyota opted for a soft suspension setup so the ride can be disappointing at times. While it can soak up a big hit (like a pothole or speed hump), the Kluger falters over small, repetitive bumps in the road.

The steering lacks refinement in some areas and is sometimes too light, leading to a vague feel on center.

Nissan Pathfinder St 2wd V Toyota Kluger Gx 2wd Head To Head

The Kluger may be at the top of the class in terms of sales, but it doesn’t set any new standards for family SUVs. You can buy cheaper, better value, more spacious, more stylish and attractive SUVs

But, like many Toyotas, it does a good job across the board. In addition to the brand’s reputation for reliable cars, Kluger offers the space and practicality that modern Australian families look for. Toyota Dealer of NSW Sydney City is the number one Toyota dealer in NSW which means we have. With the largest range of cars on display, you can own the car of your choice in the shortest possible time frame.

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Sydney City Toyota has been awarded Toyota Australia’s first Sydney Metro 5 Star Customer Service dealership. We base everything we do around our customers – we call it ‘guest centricity’ because we want guests to visit us.

City of Sydney Toyota Glebe and Waterloo are fully enclosed for year-round comfort and undercover off-street parking. So visit us rain, hail or shine

Toyota Kluger Review, Price And Specification

When you leave with your new car, we’ll fill you up with a full tank of fuel, ready for your new adventure!

[G3] Actual fuel consumption may vary depending on driving conditions/style, vehicle condition and fitted options/accessories. Source: ADR81/02 compound.

[H7] Vehicle weight/mass/volume and dimensions are approximate and subject to individual vehicle variations. Vehicles must be individually weighed and measured before fitting any accessories, designing or towing a suitable trailer/caravan or using the vehicle in any way that relies on this standard.

[G6] Towing capacity is subject to regulatory requirements, tower and vehicle design and towing equipment limitations. Ask your dealer for details on Toyota Genuine Tower capacity and availability.

Toyota Kluger Gx 2020 Review

[DI] makes best efforts to ensure accurate vehicle availability and customizable vehicle configuration. Contact the dealer to confirm the vehicle’s location and availability of the intended inspection date

* Prices shown for drive away include road costs. Includes 12 months registration for new vehicles, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), maximum dealer delivery charges, stamp duty and metallic paint (if applicable). Vehicle weight is calculated using TARE weight. The suggested drive away price of the demonstrator vehicle includes the balance of registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), maximum dealer delivery charges and stamp duty. The drive away price shown is based on the postcode of the dealership location and the owner has an excellent driving record as a 40 year old ‘Rating One’ driver. Please note that your actual drive away price may vary depending on your individual circumstances (in NSW and QLD, including choice of insurer). Accordingly, speak to your local Toyota dealer to confirm the exact price for you. Statutory rates are as they are today.

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Approved applicants only. Terms and conditions apply. Toyota Finance is a division of Toyota Finance Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181, AFSL, Australian Credit License 392536.

See how Toyota Access can help you buy your new, eligible demo or Toyota Certified Pre-Owned car from Toyota Finance Australia on Vimeo.

Toyota Kluger Gx

You may be familiar with interest rates, but it’s the comparison rate that tells you all you need to know.

A comparison rate gives you a better picture of the true cost of your car loan. This includes interest rates and fees associated with the loan (excluding government fees and charges), reduced to a percentage. Electric motor is primarily used and battery power store is used to run the motor.

Apart from the electric motor, the power is provided by the petrol engine. Output is maximized for acceleration.

When I braked at the traffic light, the petrol engine cut off and the car stopped. The system automatically avoids idling to save fuel and stop CO

Search 5 Toyota Kluger Cars For Sale In All Locations

The Toyota Hybrid’s electric motor delivers torque from the moment your foot hits the accelerator, so you’re always on the mark quickly.

The Toyota Hybrid combines the high torque of a battery-powered electric motor with the efficient power of a petrol-powered combustion engine.

Thirty years of continuous improvement Toyota hybrid engines deliver better fuel economy to help you save at the pump.

The hybrid battery used by Toyota requires no maintenance, charges automatically as you drive, and does not need to be plugged into a power supply. From January 1, 2019, Toyota is offering a five-year/unlimited kilometer warranty [W1] on hybrid batteries. Complete an annual hybrid battery health check according to Toyota specifications during routine maintenance and we’ll extend your hybrid battery warranty for up to 10 years.

Toyota Kluger Hybrid

[G3] Actual fuel consumption may vary depending on driving conditions/style, vehicle condition and fitted options/accessories. Source: ADR81/02 compound.

[H7] Vehicle Weight/Mass/Volume and Dimensions

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