Trend Micro Vs Kaspersky

Trend Micro Vs Kaspersky – Only a good network security solution can protect a business from damage and loss of reputation. A robust security solution can detect incoming attacks and take risky decisions out of the hands of employees. thoroughly evaluated 18 solutions and confirmed their safety.

Cyber ​​criminals have set their sights on businesses in particular, as they are the most profitable targets. The security solutions available on the market are often comprehensive, with multiple levels and security modules. One of the main functions of a security solution is to protect the company’s bottom lines. Labs 18 security solutions tested for protection, performance and usability on Windows 10 PCs. In each test section, products can earn up to 6 points, for a maximum of 18 points in total.

Trend Micro Vs Kaspersky

Test results show that the market offers a good solution for business users. In the test, the laboratory gave 4 products the highest score of 18 points, while 8 solutions received the highest score of 17.5 points. For this exceptional performance, the laboratory awarded 12 products with the TOP PRODUCT rating. Solutions from Kaspersky and Symantec, each with two versions of the product, scored 18. Products from Avast, Bitdefender, F-Secure, McAfee (with two versions), Microsoft, Sophos and Trend Micro scored 17.5 points.

Cybercrime & Effective Gateway Anti Malware Protection

But the remaining 6 products also got a good average score: 5 of them got a good result of 17 to 16.5 points in the test. When G Data finished in last place, he scored 15 points.

Lab testing was conducted in July and August 2019 and was conducted on test Windows 10 PCs and virtual machines. Only the speed test was performed on a high-speed PC and a desktop PC, comparing the results later.

In the current test of July and August 2019, 12 out of 18 solutions were recognized as TOP PRODUCT, as they managed to get at least 17.5 points.

Each solution in the test had to scan, detect and delete less than 28,000 infected files; 9 products did an absolutely flawless job

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For the critical protection test, the lab evaluated all the solutions in two stages: First, a real-world test, where each solution had to identify about 400 new malware samples. The lab always collects them from the website and email shortly before the test. Some attackers only have a few hours before they finish the test. In the second step, the laboratory uses a reference set. This test suite contains over 13,500 Trojans and other malware samples that are less than two weeks old. That’s why products should detect these intruders more effectively than those in real-world testing. The entire trial of protection always lasts for two months. During this time, each bag is tested repeatedly, showing very reliable results. In the discovery table, there are four percentage points on each product.

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Solutions from Bitdefender (Ultra Version), Comodo, Microsoft, Sophos, Trend Micro as well as two solutions each from Kaspersky and Symantec achieved an impressive 100% detection in all protection tests. Check Point only missed the top score for the benchmark set: 99.9% twice.

Although the following solutions consistently produced error-free results with the benchmark set, they had minor errors in the real-world test: Avast, Bitdefender (Endpoint-Version), F-Secure, as well as McAfee with two versions.

A total of 15 of the 18 products evaluated scored the highest 6 points in the protection category. Solutions from ESET, Seqrite and G Data made detection errors, thus receiving 5.5 and 5 points respectively for their results.

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When it comes to overclocking, most desktop PCs are not known for burning the ball to the pavement. That’s why it’s important that an endpoint protection solution uses as few resources as possible. To test this, all products were installed on a high-end PC and a desktop PC, performing a defined sequence of common tasks, such as launching a website, copying files or installing software. The times required for these tasks were determined, then compared to previously planned reference values.

The results are good for most products, but some differences were measured. Solutions from Bitdefender (Endpoint), F-Secure, McAfee (Small Business Security), Seqrite and Kaspersky and Symantec with two versions each caused almost no load on the test PCs and therefore each received a perfect 6 points.

Mid-range products from Avast, Comodo, ESET, McAfee, Microsoft, Sophos and Trend Micro showed small measurable load errors for individual operations and therefore fell slightly short: 5.5 instead of 6 points. Bitdefender Ultra Edition, Check Point and G Data gave more load on Windows 10 client. For this, only 5 points were given.

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Both versions from Symantec were also very impressive with absolutely flawless results, receiving 18 points and TOP PRODUCT recognition.

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With 17.5 points, the defense solution was just below the best score of 18 points and thus earned TOP PRODUCT recognition.

Both versions of the McAfee solution performed well in the test, earning 17.5 points and TOP PRODUCT recognition.

If an endpoint protection solution initiates a false positive, it can cause significant disruption to workflow or production. That is why the laboratory conducts a detailed evaluation of the discovery of friend and foe of each individual solution. For this purpose, 500 malware-free websites are visited, more than 1.4 million clean files are scanned, and several popular programs are installed. The best result after all the stages of the test is not to have a single alarm.

This task has been completed only by solutions from Check Point, Kaspersky and Symantec, each with two versions, as well as Trend Micro. Products from Avast, ESET, McAfee (Endpoint Security), Microsoft and Sophos made only one error in all tests. As a result, the laboratory gave six high marks to these 11 out of 18 solutions. All additional solutions incorrectly marked many files and therefore received only 5.5 or 5 marks.

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Receiving a TOP PRODUCT rating from the lab is no small feat. After all, a solution is required to finish the test with 17.5 or 18 points. 12 out of 18 tested solutions overcome this major obstacle; a very large number. Which means the market offers the best end-to-end protection solutions for business users. Most of them combine a high level of protection with a low system load and virtually no false alarms. These are good foundations for building comprehensive defense systems.

We want to keep in touch with you! Now there’s an easy way to get regular updates on the latest news and test builds. The AV-TEST Institute recently tested the most popular Windows 10 client antivirus products on three main criteria: protection, performance, and usability. Five of the 15 products tested received a perfect score of 6 for each of these criteria:

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The 14 best antivirus versions presented here in alphabetical order scored at least 17 points out of a possible 18. You can see the full results on the website of the AV-TEST Institute.

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Trend Micro Antivirus Internet Security 10

Note that these experiments were conducted in a laboratory environment. Different trading systems with different threat models will see different results for each of the products listed below. In other words, don’t expect a 100 percent detection rate in the lab to mean that the product will find all the antivirus threats on your network. One reason is that it can take days for a new malware sample to appear in a particular antivirus product’s database.

AV-TEST results show which Windows antivirus products are the best at detecting malware and have the least impact on system performance. This provides a good starting point for evaluating which products work best for your environment.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus scored well for stopping zero-day malware attacks and malware detected in the last four weeks. Performance was above average in all tests except for launching popular websites, where it was 13% slower than average on a standard PC. It did not record any false detections, warnings or blocks.

Bitdefender Endpoint Security stopped 100% of all cyber and email malware attacks tested in zero days, as well as all malware detected in the last four weeks. Performance impairments were generally low and in some cases above the industry average. However, it lost half a point due to a 12% drop in launch times for popular websites. In the final phase of the test, the product produced no false alarms, detections or crashes.

Genuine Kaspersky Antivirus

Bitdefender Endpoint Security (Ultra) had the same rating as standard Bitdefender products. Recorded false prevention of legitimate action.

With full protection and usability scores (no false alarms, detections or blocks), Endpoint Security missed full marks due to performance testing. It experienced a 44% drop when launching popular websites on a standard PC, compared to an industry average of 19%.

If not for its lower detection rate than the average zero-day malware (98.9%).

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