Used Cars Burleigh Heads

Used Cars Burleigh Heads – Looking for tires in Burleigh Heads? You’ll find what you need at our workshop at 13 Flagstone Drive. We have a wide range of new tires as well as 60 to 95 percent pre-tread, safety tested and approved tires that are almost like new.

Get savings with great service and technical know-how when you replace tires on your sedan, 4WD or light truck.

Used Cars Burleigh Heads

Experience the benefits of working with a family business. Walk through the doors of Branigans Tires Burleigh Heads and find out why our customers trust us enough to refer their children and grandchildren. We have been serving in this field for almost 20 years. It’s not just your wheels that get great treatment – service with a smile is part of the package.

Township Drive, Burleigh Heads Qld 4220

Our tire prices include wheel balancing, so you get a comfortable, safe ride and great value for money. Try it today!

Meet the heart and soul of our Branigans Tire Burleigh Heads branch. These are friendly people working to make your day.

That’s all it says. Sometimes vehicles are almost destroyed by new tires or new car owners decide to replace the wheels and tires. Instead of dumping perfectly good tires, we give them a thorough safety check and give them to you for less.

Check the sidewall of your current tire to find the numbers and letters that determine the tire size you need. Call us to check if we have it in stock. That being said, we have a wide range of tires and may just have what you need.

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Our lines move fast, so most people just show up. But if you want a crowd, Booking will get you there. Make yours now.

Tire price includes fitting, wheel balancing and best practice tire disposal. There are no hidden costs.

Yes Get safety checks, have us rotate your tires for wear, align your wheels or fix a flat. If you want us to take care of your brakes or a complete service for your car, talk to us.

Whatever your wheel and tire needs, we’ll do our best to help. Call us to speak with a technician. We are here for you.

What Is A Car Immobiliser?

The price depends on the tires you need and the options you choose. We strive to provide average service and quality for less than you expect. Call us to check your options and prices. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Choose amazing deals from our stock of nearly new safety approved tires or join our membership program – it’s like a special savings account just for your tires.

Subscribe for a small weekly payment and get a complete set of 4 tires plus a wheel and brake alignment check each year!

Chris Lett, owner of Australian Tire Recycler and Brannigan’s Tires, wants Australian drivers to get ready and get their tires checked this spring. “It’s important to reiterate the importance of tires to ensure regular tire checks,” says Lett.

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Chris Lett, owner of Brannigan’s Tires and trusted Australian tire recycler, is informing drivers about brake safety awareness and encouraging them to create a brake safety checklist.

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“Tire recycling is the process of reusing old or damaged tires into a new product, or reusing them to remanufacture them into stronger, more environmentally conscious tires,” says Australian tire recycler and owner of Brannigan’s Tires, Chris Lett. “At Brannigans, the team breathes new life into recycled tires so that customers receive expertly developed recycled tires,” adds Lett.

Why throw away almost new tires? Some do! We’ve used all the best sources, but before we offer them, they’ll receive a full security check.

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