Varanasi To Delhi Flight

Varanasi To Delhi Flight – According to the airline, the passenger was brought under control by the flight crew with the help of other passengers. 1 minute of reading. Updated: 2021-03-28 10:58 IST Staff Writer

A passenger on a SpiceJet flight from New Delhi to Varanasi on Saturday tried to open the emergency exit door but was restrained by the crew before the plane landed safely.

Varanasi To Delhi Flight

According to an officer at the station house in Phulpur, the man who started the riot appears to be mentally ill.

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“The passenger of the Delhi-Varanasi flight tried to open the emergency exit door in the air. Crew members stopped him and held him until the flight landed safely at the airport. The pilot of the flight informed air traffic control and asked for priority landing,” he said. The SHO told the news agency.

SpiceJet released a statement on the incident: “2021 March 27 A passenger on SpiceJet flight SG-2003 (Delhi-Varanasi) violently and aggressively tried to open the aircraft’s emergency door while the aircraft was in the air. . “

The plane landed safely in Varanasi, where the Central Industrial Security Force and SpiceJet security personnel handed over the passenger to the police.

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Varanasi To Delhi Flights Ticket Booking

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You are now subscribed to our newsletter. If you can’t find the email you received from us email, please check your spam folder. This trip in India is divided into several stages: a few days in Delhi, ten days in Rajasthan, a few days in Varanasi, precious time in Ayurveda. quality time with friends from South and Bombay. I was planning to do more directions but decided against it. Gwalior, Orchha and Khajuraho will have to wait. I’ll be back sooner or later.

I went Delhi-Agra-Ranthambore Park-Jaipur-Pushkar-Neemrana-Delhi with my parents. Since most of the places were familiar to me, there wasn’t much research to do, but it still took a lot of time and energy. I like to book hotels myself, book tickets whenever I want, etc. I rarely use a travel agency. I like to be free and, for example, if I don’t like it, I can change the hotel when I arrive. I believe that by practicing this “philosophy” I will gain valuable experience, but at the same time I recognize that this “freedom” will harm me. I have been in Varanasi since Sunday and I am quite tired. For example, what happened last Sunday when my parents flew from Delhi to Dubai? The adventure has begun!

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In the morning we all left Neemrana Fort Palace: a magnificent 15th century palace for Delhi airport. Saying goodbye to my parents outside the terminal (only valid ticket holders can enter) I asked the man “what are we going to do now?” I asked a question. I felt very weak and had a cold and stomach problems and all I wanted was a bed with soft cotton sheets. But we had no orders and no internet connection!

Train 18’s Delhi Varanasi Ac Chair Car Ticket To Cost Rs 1,850, Executive Class Rs 3,520

Our only reasonable option was to spend some time at the airport and make a call, so we bought tickets to enter the arrivals terminal (INR 100 per person), ordered a few drinks and sat down. I made several calls to the car company I was dealing with, but the idea of ​​traveling by road from Delhi to Varanasi (via Gwalior, Orchha and Khajuraho) seemed too expensive compared to Rajasthan. I am not sure if I can drive on Indian roads for a few days at least. Rejecting the idea of ​​traveling by road, we went to the air ticket agent and asked for tickets to Khajuraho and Varanasi. There were cheap tickets left, but by then I was feeling so sick that all I wanted was a bed to sleep in, so I told my husband to stay near the airport. My idea was to get a good night’s sleep, eat dahl and rice, get a good twelve hours of sleep, and return to the airport fresh to continue my journey the next day. Well, I thought there would be.

After arriving at the crappy Lohias Hotel, about 4 km from Delhi airport, I drank a Coke and took a shower. My husband checked the bed and the room and called me out of the shower. You don’t sleep here, we left… He thought the room wasn’t clean enough, and the more I looked, the more I agreed with him. We did some searching online and found a flight from Delhi to Varanasi at 18:05. that day (it was 16 hours at the time of googling and we didn’t buy tickets because it was so last minute).

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We rushed to the reception (we had paid for the room with a voucher), paid INR 30 for a coke, ordered a taxi and rushed to the SpiceJet counter. The service was very smooth and we paid INR 11,590 (approx. EUR 145) for two Delhi-Varanasi tickets and had our tickets by 4:30 PM.

See, it’s usually better to leave things to the last minute and without a plan… Then we found a KFC (yes, I’ll forgive you when you’re sick!) and ordered a coke sandwich. Thirty minutes later we were on a plane from Delhi to Varanasi and the world seemed brighter (well, we didn’t know what was waiting for us in Varanasi, but that’s another story!). Anyway, I love SPICEJET!! These direct flights connect Varanasi’s Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport with Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport and Bangalore’s Kempegowda International Airport.

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GoAir has launched direct flights on Varanasi-Delhi, Varanasi-Ahmedabad and Varanasi-Bengaluru routes. There are two daily direct flights from Varanasi to Delhi, one direct flight to Ahmedabad all week except Sunday and one direct flight daily to Bangalore. These direct flights connect Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport in Varanasi with Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad and Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore.

GoAir operates flights G8 183 and G8 403 from Varanasi to Delhi. Flight G8 183 departs from Varanasi at 22:30 and reaches Delhi at 12:10. Flight G8 403 departs from Varanasi at 08:00 and reaches Delhi at 09:25. Both flights start from Rs 1,882.

GoAir operates from Delhi to Varanasi with G8 182 and G8 404 lights. G8 flight 182 departs from Delhi at 20:30 and reaches Varanasi at 22:00. Flight G8 404 departs Delhi at 10:30 AM and reaches Varanasi at 11:40 AM. Tickets for both flights cost Rs 1,926.

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Flight G8 768 departs Varanasi at 13:00 and arrives Ahmedabad at 15:00. This flight costs 2533 rupees. GoAir flight G8 767 from Ahmedabad to Varanasi departs at 10:20 and arrives Ahmedabad at 12:20. The fare for this flight starts from Rs 2,402. Direct GoAir flights between Varanasi and Ahmedabad are available throughout the week except Sundays.

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GoAir flight G8 404 departs from Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport, Varanasi at 12:20 and reaches Bangalore at 14:40. This flight operates all week except Tuesday. Flight G8 404 departs Varanasi at 1:40 PM. and arrives Bangalore at 4:05 p.m. This flight is available on Tuesdays. Both these flights start from Rs 2,943.

G8 flight 403 departs from Bengaluru airport at 4.50 am. and reaches Varanasi at 7:20 a.m. This GoAir flight fare starts at Rs 3,371. Varanasi to Bengaluru flights start in 2020. February 1 Main flight Aircharter Groupdesk MICE Manage my order Print my tickets Register online Pay Latest offer Zero % Cancel Contact us Register New user

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