Verbatim 1200mah Portable Power Pack

Verbatim 1200mah Portable Power Pack – Powerful and convenient chargers with up to 10,000 mAh of added juice for iPads, iPhones, Smartphones, tablets, eReaders, Bluetooth headsets and more

Charlotte, NC, June 04, 2012 – , a global leader in data storage technology including portable hard drives, USB flash drives, CDs, Blu-ray discs and memory cards; It launched a line of portable power packs, expanding its range of award-winning consumer electronics solutions and inviting consumers to talk longer, listen to more music, play more games and watch more videos without worrying about running out of battery.

Verbatim 1200mah Portable Power Pack

“Portable electronics have become an essential part of our lives, but with added productivity and mobility come concerns about battery life,” said Ron Hanafin, Product Manager, Devices and Peripherals. “The new series of power packs are versatile, convenient and extremely portable while giving users peace of mind. Hassle-free and intuitive to easily charge, pack and connect to your mobile device for extra power when needed.

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Available in multiple capacities and designs, including a 10,000 mAh model, power packs extend battery life, making them ideal for business or leisure trips, road trips, outdoor excursions and more. The full selection of power packs features a slim design for maximum portability and packs enough juice to charge even the most power-draining devices, currently on Microcenter,, and and Office can be found in . From July.

Easily turn any 4 alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries into extra power for your iPhone, iPod, Micro-USB device, eReader or wireless Bluetooth headset. The clever design eliminates the need to find power outlets, travel voltage converters, power outlet adapters and more. Smaller than your phone, the AA Power Pack provides worldwide rechargeable power with the convenience of an AA battery. MSRP $19.99

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Designed with the mobile user in mind, the credit card-sized power pack weighs two ounces and fits easily into any purse or pocket. With a 1,200 mAh lithium polymer battery, the ultimate in portability, the Ultra Slim Power Pack provides extra juice for users looking for an ultra-portable power companion, including students, hikers, business professionals and more. MSRP $29.99

The pocket-sized charger provides extra talk time and play time in case of emergencies, flight delays or unexpected events like extra entertainment. Convenient and stylish, the portable power pack features a 2,200 mAh lithium-ion battery and a micro-USB charging cable that provides enough power to recharge your micro-USB device, iPhone or iPod. MSRP $39.99

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Convenience and convenience combined in one charger. Ideal for frequent travelers and business professionals looking for highly portable power, the Dual USB Power Pack features a dedicated iPad port and an additional USB port for simultaneous charging. Equipped with a 10,000 mAh lithium polymer battery, the ultra-high capacity maintains a light and slim design that easily slips into any travel bag, backpack, briefcase or tote. MSRP $89.99

Power Packs are currently available at Microcenter,,, and other retailers nationwide, and from Office Max starting in July.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Copyright © 2022 Americas LLC. All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy Verbatim is known to many vintage geeks for their floppy disks, but since the demise of this market, Verbatim has branched out into new media, products including lighting and water filters, and accessories such as USB power packs. Verbatim has a range of rechargeable packs from 1,200 mAh to 10,000 mAh, and their dual USB power pack with a capacity of 5,200 mAh is under review.

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First impressions are good. Power Pack features attractive, easy-to-open packaging that doesn’t require hacking with scissors. Inside is a power pack, a mini USB to micro USB cable and instructions. The USB cable is only 10 cm long and can be used to recharge the power pack and charge other devices. Some may debate the length of the cable, but I think it’s useful and prevents all tangles. Plus,  I have very long cables when I need them.

Verbatim Ultra Slim 1200mah Usb Power Pack Charger

The body of the unit is 7 cm wide and 11 cm deep. Scale tips with a depth of 1.7 cm and 175 grams. The top and bottom faces are covered with a soft-touch rubber coating, while the middle is a metallic-looking plastic. At the bottom, there are four small nodes for feet, and at the top are four blue LEDs and a small button. Pressing the button for two seconds will illuminate the LED to show the battery charge level.

Around the edge are three USB ports, 2x standard and 1x micro-USB. The latter is used to recharge the power pack and the former to charge other devices. As is common with similar products, one port is rated at 2.1 A (Port A) and the other at 1 A (Port B). However, unlike some of the Power Pack’s competitors, both USB ports can be used for charging while recharging the device.

The power pack is a 5,200 mAh unit, which Verbatim says in the packaging will recharge the smartphone 2.5 times. My experience with recharging the Nexus 4 (2,100 mAh internal battery) is that this isn’t too far from the truth. Also, the blue LED is a good guide to battery level – consider each LED 25%, so four is 100%, three is 75% and so on. Below is a mandatory screenshot of Battery+ showing the charging rate for the Nexus 4, which is almost identical to charging from the main charger.

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In summary, the Verbatim Dual USB Power Pack is a compact unit. The soft-touch rubber coating provides a slightly softer feel and is a valuable feature when recharging. My only concern is that I think the Power Pack is a little expensive at £41.99 RRP, and there are other models that offer more capacity for less (but beware of non-chargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. Meanwhile). As this is a brand new product, no “street price” has been revealed, but at around £25 the Dual USB Power Pack offers value for money.

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