Vip Lawn Mowing Franchise

Vip Lawn Mowing Franchise – To reduce the risks associated with mobile workers The restrictions apply to services provided to residential areas in Greater Sydney. including the Blue Mountains Central Coast, Wollongong and Shell Harbor

Health, safety or security of the facility or family members or due to an emergency

Vip Lawn Mowing Franchise

From Sunday 18 July 2021 there is no good reason to leave the house in Greater Sydney. including the Blue Mountains Central Coast, Wollongong and Shell Harbor to provide these services

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According to the NSW COVID response, we are​​​​​​unable to serve customers in Sydney local government areas of concern: Blacktown, Campbelltown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland, Fairfield, Georges River, Liverpool and Parramatta.

We do all the work and then do a thorough cleaning when the work is done to make sure you can use your garden and terrace again. We will take care of both solid waste and green waste. And this service is a very cost effective solution for your cleaning.

Hedging pruning Careful and consistent pruning is essential for maintaining your garden, including roses, trees, shrubs, fruit trees and small trees. The service also includes the removal of shrubs and small trees. for large jobs Your local Jim can supply a tree specialist to do this. All services and prices offered include removal of all stitches.

Gutters should be flushed regularly to prevent buildup and flooding that will damage your roof and home. Navigating along the gutter can be dangerous. and you risk damaging the roof itself. Our staff has the equipment and training to help you clean quickly without damaging your roof or gutters.

Jim’s Mowing Nz

A well-maintained garden gives a good look and feel to any home and adds to the appeal of your property. We can tailor a garden maintenance program to your garden needs or simply provide a one-off visit.

Professional lawn mowing helps your lawn look its best. including professional trimming of all lawn edges As well as around trees and other parts of the garden, your local Jim can help with your lawn care by weeding and pests, fertilizing, aerating, boring, and laying and repairing lawns. Ride-on mowing is available with all functions and shears for larger areas are also available.

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The Australian market offers huge growth opportunities for enterprising franchisees in industries where service is often an exception. instead of rules

Founded by Jim Penman in Melbourne’s leafy northern suburbs Australia in 1982 with 24 dollars in his pocket.

The Long And Short Of V.i.p. Home Services

Having a well-trained franchisee is essential at Jim’s Mowing. Your first exposure to us is through our field trainers. Your training and it is ongoing in the form of seminars and workshops.

One of the unique features of the Jim’s Mowing system is the uptime guarantee. which are available to you from day one

Guarantees uptime for 12 months a year, even in the harsh Australian winter. with training Headquarter support and computerized management system by your side

Word of mouth is an essential part of growing your business. Jim’s brand is easily transformed and promoted by smiling faces on trailers, uniforms and promotional materials.

The Story Behind Jim’s Mowing

This is a job you will enjoy. You are invited to email, call or come to our office to find out more about Jim’s Mowing and ask questions about how we work and how you can join in the fun! Home Services raises his company in its fourth decade this year, founder and director Bill Vis. Said that sometimes he found it very difficult to believe that it had started a long time ago. It all started with the sale of vacuum cleaners. “Back in the 1970s and I was selling a homemade Electrolux vacuum when I noticed that my most recent potential customer who didn’t want to buy a vacuum had a lawn that needed a lot of mowing. I asked if I could mow it . And that’s where it all started”, says Bill Vis. Not so long ago he made more money mowing the lawn on the weekend than a colleague selling a vacuum cleaner. and realized that this was a good opportunity.

In 1979 he founded V.I.P. Home Services – Australia’s first home service franchise. After taking care of lawn and garden, more services followed, and now it is V.I.P. Offers a full suite of home services including window cleaning. house cleaning Cleaning at the end of the lease and commercial cleaning

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The company has received many awards. And today it remains a proud family business, with Vis still a leader. And the second generation began to play a role.

Brothers Abby, Natasha and Matt all work at V.I.P. today, but while both sisters are in the office. Matt loves outdoor activities. He got his lawn and garden care license in 2002 and said “housekeeping” was good for him.

Vip Lawn Mowing Franchise

Many VIPs Employees have worked with the company for more than 10 years, and few franchisees have 20 years or even 30 plus years in the organization.

“One of the keys to success is being surrounded by good people. With skills that you don’t have on your own. It makes the company much stronger. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful team and support me,” said Bill Fish.

He thinks about a change in the past 40 years: a lawnmower. The size of people’s houses and gardens And the most important thing is that there is no time that people should spend all their time on themselves.

“Today you turn twice when you see your own mower! People don’t have time or inclination. Because people are very busy and the technology we have today. Outsourcing what you don’t want is very easy.”

Robin Goes All In On Robotic Lawn Care And Focuses On Franchising

“Being the first in the industry is something to be proud of. But it comes with challenges. At VIP we will continue to use the latest technology. Keep innovating and we remain committed to being at the forefront of” e home service sector,” said Vis.

When the company started in 1979 there was no internet. No website, email, or cell phone. Franchisees must go to the office to get the work cycle for the week.

Today, everything is much faster. And the company has made full use of technology to improve marketing, task allocation and customer response times. With specially designed apps to make life easier and increase franchise profits. The app gives franchisees quick and easy access to lead information. and respond to tasks at a much faster rate while in the field.

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Technological changes have made it possible for national companies like V.I.P. to keep everyone in constant communication. Contacts between regional managers and franchisees can be managed at the push of a button. Timeout they have to schedule their nightly phone calls to stay informed.

How Jim’s Group Ceo Jim Penman Went From Mowing Lawns To Being A Household Name In Australia

“Of course everything is going well. But looking back I think we should have merged companies in South Australia for a while before expanding interstate. Such an expansion puts a lot of pressure on us. with interstate travel and a long time away from family,” Vis said.

“When you say that I like to bite off more than I can chew and chew like crazy. Being too cautious in business can cause you to miss great opportunities because you don’t grab them before others do!

“VIP has been around for a long time. We are a trusted name and we are happy that our customers continue to choose us. Finally, we cannot have 40 years without them,” he added.

“Our goal when we started in 1979 was to provide the best service and treat every customer like a VIP – and that’s one thing that will never change.” So! Do you like great outdoor activities? Maybe you enjoy spiky and neat lawns or just gardening. Then you will love this franchise! Maybe you are a clusterer or have experience with cutting trees and shrubs or landscaping.

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As a VIP Lawns & Gardens franchisee, you can offer one or all of the above jobs to your clients. No additional investment in franchise licenses is required. Make sure it’s in your skill base and you can do it legally. And you can do what your customers are willing to pay you!

Sometimes that means getting rid of and disposing of general yard waste and giving that part a good general cleaning. This and other one-time tasks are often seen as “Important tasks” by your weekly and bi-weekly tasks. Your “bread and butter”, of course, you still

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