Watch Scream Halloween Special

Watch Scream Halloween Special – The Scream TV series is a show that didn’t know how to end, a series that was initially interesting but stretched so long that it lost the goodwill it had built up. Ridiculous plots, characters who became parodies of themselves and perfect killers.

Season 2 ended with questions still unanswered and a hint for a future series was one of the most disappointing moments of the entire 12 episodes.

Watch Scream Halloween Special

Well, many seem to agree and Season 3 doesn’t seem to be happening. Instead, to try and clear things up, we have this… Halloween special. All questions will be answered, all tied together beautifully for a satisfying ending.

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You can read our reviews of the first two seasons below. This review will obviously contain spoilers for both of these series.

Beginning with season two / the killer, Kieran Wilcox is sent to prison for an extra stint (ten life sentences to be served consecutively) before a masked killer (wearing the same mask as Brandon James) kills the guard and frees him. in Kiera

If you need to know how far Scream’s ending has come, these first few minutes are proof that the writers have lost the plot. The killer somehow gets into the cell where Kieran is also sent, hides in the space above, kills the guard before turning the knife on Kieran.

Now keep in mind that Kieran is a serial killer and the media circus surrounding him would be insane (even the guards talk about it). It would be absolutely impossible to get close to him, let alone hide in the obvious space above him. The only way this could work is if someone had access, but at the end of the episode it’s shown that wasn’t the case (something I have a big problem with too)!

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Scream: Halloween Special Movie Streaming Online Watch

To make the whole opening even worse, even if Kieran dies within the first few minutes, it makes the last scene of season 2 pointless.

So with a new killer (maybe?) free to clean up the mess that is Lakewood, we revisit the survivors about a year after the events of Season 2. Everyone’s lives are where they were before, except for Audrey now. a girlfriend (suspect number 1) and Noah and Stavo are pressured by their publisher to release more murder-related material (suspect number 2).

This writer’s block angle for Noah sees our group of survivors take a weekend trip to a remote island in the legend of Anna Hobbs. Stavo and the publisher believe this story is the next big thing for them, so hopefully being there will help inspire Noah.

On this island they meet the lonely Alex Whitman (Suspect 3), who is so lonely that he wanders the island, he meets Emma several times and often goes fishing. Desperate to get as many angles as possible in this feature-length episode, Emma and Alex once again embark on a quickie romance designed to make them look like idiots and come off as murderous in every scene.

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However, the legend of Anna Hobbs is in dispute, it is supposed to be something bigger, but it is less interesting. He is there to give the killer a new mask and weapon.

What we get is a boring episode filled with clich├ęs that does its best to dissolve any goodwill left in season two. It’s pointless that comes to mind and doesn’t address many of the bigger questions. To make matters worse, he chooses to leave two main plots open at the end!

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Both are absurd and raise even more questions, but the questions you’ll find you don’t care about getting answered. What started out as a refreshing and exciting take on a tired series and movie formula has collapsed in on itself, unable to come up with an intelligent response to the mess it created before.

The unwillingness to kill off a major character also adds a sense of disbelief to the proceedings. Where’s the tension when you know Noah, Audrey, Brooke and Emma are going to get over another murder? They never seem to be in danger and the threat level of the assassins drops significantly when dealing with them.

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Does it bleed? Yes, the killing that happens looks good, but it means nothing when the story is so trivial. Characters you once liked are going through the motions to finish saying their lines as quickly as possible.

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