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West Australian Fitness Academy – 2 Student Handbook (Code of Practice) 1.0 Mission Statement. mission is to raise standards throughout the health and fitness industry by training students to high standards that will enable them to make a real difference in people’s lives. We understand the training needs of professionals in our industry. We aim to improve their knowledge, skills and improve customer service. There is no doubt that investing in education and training increases customer engagement and retention. With a wide portfolio of qualifications and ongoing professional development courses, we are confident that our students will be highly motivated, confident and have a strong presence as they embark on their new career in the fitness industry. 1.1 Principal’s message to our new student, Welcome (WAFA). We are located in downtown Joondalup and Cannington, Good Life, Western Australia. We believe you have made the best possible choice by choosing the Western Australian Fitness Academy for your training. We strive to provide quality fitness education. The course is delivered using a simple and effective learning strategy, keeping in mind your goals and needs. Remember that our goal is the same as yours to achieve the qualification you are training for as the first step to a successful career in the fitness industry. (WAFA) is one of the most experienced and qualified fitness faculties in Australia. Our instructor training courses are simple and easy to follow and lead to a nationally accredited fitness professional qualification. If you need additional help, our student support will be more than happy to help. I can’t wait to see you at the Academy, good luck with your studies! Sincerely, Sue Trewartha Principal 2

3 1.1.2 About (WAFA) (WAFA) is an Australian Registered Training Organization (RTO) offering accredited courses for fitness and sport and recreation personal training certificates. (WAFA) is a leader in the fitness industry and is highly respected by major organizations in the fitness industry. (WAFA) has taken the time to listen to the needs of people who want to pursue a career in fitness and respond to those needs by developing an integrated training system that makes learning easy and fun. During the course you will train real volunteer clients who will build your confidence and take your training skills to a very high level, putting you ahead of other trainers who are new to the fitness industry. About the Student Handbook (WAFA) developed this student handbook; advise students on their conditions and training requirements and support them effectively throughout. Contains information on the type of course students will take, details of course content, course structure, delivery methods, teaching timetable, assessment criteria and resulting qualifications General Certificate in Fitness III Course Program (SIS30313) Full course duration. 6 weeks Fitness Certificate IV (SIS40210) Full-time course duration 4 weeks Combined Certificate III and IV course duration 10 weeks Part-time/Flexible study Combined Fitness Certificate III (SIS30313) Part-time course duration 10 weeks in Fitness10IS ) course duration 8 week Combined Certificate III/IV Course Duration 18 weeks University opening hours: Class opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm Saturday 9:30am to 4:30pm Sunday 9:30am to 2:30pm Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Contact person: Sue Trewartha During office hours, students can meet with the education team to discuss any aspect of their course. However, if a specific time and day is required, please call to make an appointment. 3:

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West Australian Fitness Academy

4 2.0 Prerequisites for Enrollment (WAFA) 2.1 There are Academic Prerequisites for Enrollment (WAFA), each application will be assessed for suitability to attend the Western Australian Fitness Academy and to identify additional educational support that students may require. The Pre-Course Learning Indicator must be completed prior to the start of the course and to facilitate the student’s successful completion of the course. Any additional support mentioned must be provided before the start of the course and at the student’s expense; this may include but is not limited to. Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills Assistive Technology Computer Operating Packages Course Objective: (WAFA) is dedicated to academic and practical learning. It follows a program of continuous academic review designed to develop the responsibility of its students. Students are expected to attend regularly and actively participate in all academic activities. All certificates are nationally recognized qualifications developed for people seeking employment in the academic fitness industry; and related assessment research tools, such as interviews and surveys, to find the information they need to meet specific requirements or solve specific problems. understand the variety of material they read. communicate ideas and information. organize and communicate information and ideas. gy, use those methods to solve real-life problems. 2.3 Course structure. The courses consist of facilitated learning, theory and practical tutorials and a theory/practical examination. The campus and dedicated fitness centers enable a summative experience and provide a professional environment to develop the skills required to complete each course. We use facilitated learning combined with theory and practical sessions at the Fitness Academy of Western Australia (WAFA), which include small group and individual learning activities, usually linked to completing a prescribed assessor-administered assessment tool. 4:

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5 2.4 Course evaluation format. Assessment of student competencies should only be conducted by appropriately qualified personnel using the principles of competency-based assessment. Evaluation should be conducted using only approved evaluation criteria. Students will be assessed during their studies using different assessment methods. Depending on the student’s level of competence and previous experience, the evaluator can use different assessment methods. Assessment focuses on outcomes and achievement of learning objectives. It is the most integrated part of the teaching and learning process, contributing to it, not separate from it. Assessment practice is flexible where necessary and seeks to provide a range of physical activities. 2.5 Assessment activities include: assigned topic.) Additional materials or equipment required for the course Students will be provided with workbooks at the beginning of the course that will provide guidance for the unit of competency and/or assessment. Workbooks and study length may vary depending on which competency unit is completed. 3.0 Behavior 3.1 Attention and planning in class results in results and deadlines. It is your choice, however, if you choose not to be careful. But listening to iPods, reading other materials (such as newspapers) or other distracting behavior during class (whether theoretical or practical) will not be allowed. Being late for practical classes reduces the activity and is never appreciated by the instructor or your fellow students. Practical participation in class Participation is an important element of the course. A quality of participation that reflects detailed understanding of specific exercises, analysis where appropriate, thoughtful reflection and clear and concise commentary is critical. It’s also important to build on each other’s comments, which means listening carefully. Participation in practical classes will be evaluated based on the quality and consistency of daily work. 3.2 Competency Based Learning (WAFA) studies are for people who are looking for ways to expand and develop their experience in sport and fitness and are looking for knowledge that can lead to a career in fitness. During the Academy’s lectures, the broad field of sport and fitness can be learned and enjoyed through theory and practical application. 5:00

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6 3.3 Facilitated learning (WAFA) recognizes that all students have different abilities and knowledge. The course is designed so that students can work at an advanced learning pace. The courses offer both a theoretical and practical environment to experience many aspects of fitness. During your studies you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and develop skills through work in the fitness center, computer literacy assignments and gym/group activities. Where students have difficulty completing the required work, qualified and experienced staff will assist them and facilitate their learning journey. The Western Australian Fitness Academy (WAFA) will design and implement a training schedule that best suits the needs of its students. Students will receive comprehensive classroom education and hands-on training in the on-site fitness facility. Students can get additional support through group tutorials and further external study, each external study will be at the students’ own expense. Individual tutorials can be arranged for students who have learning difficulties related to course content. 4. Attendance 4.1 All (WAFA) qualifications involve full-time or part-time study. In practice, this is a controlled study (100% attendance). Students who do not attend their course regularly will be required to attend an interview. In the event of an extended absence due to ill health or personal reasons, students should discuss their position with the head coach. if:

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