What Currency Is Used In Noumea New Caledonia

What Currency Is Used In Noumea New Caledonia – Want to visit New Caledonia and don’t know what currency to take? Then we can help. The most commonly used currency in New Caledonia is the Pacific Franc (CFP). You can use CFP in all New Caledonian Islands.

The New Zealand dollar exchange rate is 70 New Caledonian currency (CFP). So 1 NZD = 70 CFP francs

What Currency Is Used In Noumea New Caledonia

This currency can be obtained from major banks such as Bci or BNP Paribas. You must show your passport to exchange your money for New Caledonian currency. One of the best ways to exchange your currency is to use the local currency exchange ATMs scattered throughout the main centers of New Caledonia. Be sure to be aware of currency exchange and commission fees.

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If you are traveling from New Zealand or any other county, make sure you get New Caledonian currency to be safe. This is because you may need to pay for a taxi or any other service after landing.

You can check the latest exchange rates by searching for “Pacific Franc to NZD” which will give you the latest exchange rate. This amount should only be used as a guide as there will be additional fees and commissions when you go to exchange your money. Prices are subject to change, so always pay in advance and carry a little extra cash in case of emergency.

The prices of goods and services in New Caledonia are the same as those paid locally in New Zealand.

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In some places you can use your local currency to buy goods or pay for services, be sure to ask before using the service.

Banknote New Caledonia 20 Francs Nouméa

New Zealand currency can be exchanged for New Caledonian currency at major banks such as Bci or even BNP Paribas.

Yes, it is recommended to carry at least a few hundred dollars in CFP when traveling to New Caledonia, as taxi fares, food and drinks, etc. You may need to pay for express services such as

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