Where To Live In Melbourne With A Family

Where To Live In Melbourne With A Family – Whether you’re looking to buy your next investment property, a new home or even apply for a new rental, it’s important to consider how safe the area is as part of your neighborhood research.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Safe Cities Index for 2021, Melbourne is the 8th (up from 10th last year) safest city in the world.

Where To Live In Melbourne With A Family

Melbourne ranked 8th in the world for digital security, 4th for health security, 15th with Madrid for infrastructure security, 18th for personal security and 25th for environmental security.

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But the results aren’t surprising, even amid the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns and economic crisis – after all, Melbourne also ranks highly among the world’s most liveable cities, as well as the world’s best city to work from home.

Melbourne’s top 5 regions (% of suburbs below average risk) are Outer East (29%), North East (23%), North West (14%), South East (14%) and West (7.%).

Using the latest data from the Crime Statistics Agency and data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Canstar was able to compile a list of 10 suburbs in Melbourne where there were fewer than 2 incidents of crime per 100 residents between April 2018 and March 2019.

Criminal incidents mean any crime against a person (such as assault and theft), property and fraud crimes (such as property damage and theft), drug-related crimes, and public safety and security offenses (such as is harassment and disturbance to the public).

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According to Canstar’s analysis, Melbourne’s The Patch had the lowest number of recorded crimes per population over the period. But be fair – The Patch only has about 1,072 residents.

Interestingly, apart from Black Rock and Beaumaris, which are south of Melbourne’s CBD, the ‘safe neighbourhoods’ identified by Canstar were in Melbourne’s east.

Patch is a very small suburb of Melbourne, located 39 km east of the CBD in the Yarra Ranges Shire, consisting of houses, a community hall, a general store, a primary school, several business blocks and a tennis court.

According to Kiko, the settlement has about 1,072 inhabitants, mostly elderly couples and families with an average age of 40-59, and about 90% of the property is owned.

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Park Orchards is a leafy suburb about 23 km north-east of Melbourne’s CBD with a population of 3,829, mostly families.

It is a desirable neighborhood, not only because of its low crime rate, but also because of its great parks and schools.

And that’s reflected in property prices – Park Orchards’ median home price is an impressive $1.8 million and 97% occupied.

Located about 33km south east of the CBD in the Yarra Ranges district is Ferny Creek with a population of 1,506 mostly couples and families aged 40-59 and 92% owner occupiers.

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Known for its tranquil gardens and recreational areas, the neighborhood has a reputation as a haven away from normal city life.

Another Melbourne suburb dominated by older couples and families, aged between 40 and 59, the small, safe and secure suburb of Selby is 37km east of the CBD, also in the Yarra Ranges district.

Its small population of 1,643 is mostly home owners (94%) of local properties with an average price of $825,000.

The neighborhood, along with others nearby, is known for being green and secluded with a rich heritage and stately homes and gardens.

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Its median property price of $980,000 has attracted the attention of mostly older couples and families looking for a haven away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Warrandyte is a highly desirable property market with a median price of $1,385 and a large population of couples and older families.

Located 24 kilometers northeast of Melbourne’s CBD, the quiet and safe outer Melbourne suburb of Warrandyte sits on the Yarra River and is surrounded by bushland.

About 18km north-east of the CBD, Montmorency is well known for being one of the city’s cheapest neighborhoods offering the perfect combination of lifestyle and affordability.

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Montmorency topped a list of 100 suburbs across Victoria last year where the criteria for buying a home was “living under a million dollars”.

According to realestate.com.au, the average property price in Montmorency is $962,000 for a house and $755,000 for a unit.

Based on five-year sales, Montmorency saw a compound growth rate of 5.1% for houses and 4.9% for units.

Donvale is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 20 km east of the Melbourne CBD with a population of 12,347.

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It is a safe and peaceful neighborhood with sought-after tree-lined streets, excellent sports and recreation facilities and excellent schools and access to public transport.

The average property price is $1,415,500 for houses and $775,000 for units, giving a growth rate of 5.5% and 4.6% respectively.

A little further afield – 43km from the CBD – the charming village of Sassafras on the scenic forested Dandenong Ranges has a small population of 1,075 mostly aged 40-59.

The average property price is $807,500, but poor supply and high demand in the market mean there is little data available.

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Black Rock and Beaumaris, both in the affluent suburb of Bayside, 18km south of the CBD, are known for their excellent city beaches, excellent schools and high quality local amenities.

Median home prices in the Black Rock and Beaumaris area are $1.83 million to $2.21 million, and about $1.07 million to $1.04 million for units.

Markets move, but not all properties will increase in value. Now, more than ever, the right choice of funds will be important.

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Kate Forbes is the national director of property strategy there. He has 15 years of experience in investing in financial markets on two continents, is qualified in many disciplines and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Location, location location! More Indians live in Melbourne than in any other Australian capital city. Where to live is an important choice we all have to make, it can be difficult when you are new to a city or even a country. When considering a family location, you often have to think about schools and transport links. In the article below, we will share our top 5 neighborhoods for an Indian family in Melbourne, Point Cook, Tarneit, Truganina, Rockbank and Hawthorn. All the settlements were selected for their merits, but also for being home to a large Indian population.

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Point Cook aka Mumbai cook is home to the Australian Air Force (RAAF), but why would you make it your home?

Point Cook is considered a “new” neighborhood and as such, there are many new estates with designer homes to choose from. Indians are a big part of a multicultural and hospitable society. Local train stations serving the area are Landing and Laverton, both of which can take you into the city in 40 minutes.

Having previously been used as farmland, urban planners have ensured that there is no shortage of community feeling with suitable shopping centres, parks, schools and transport infrastructure. All of this makes this a great place to raise a family.

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Wyndham Village Shopping Center is located on Sayers Road and has many on-site facilities, including a 24-hour gym.

Tarneit is home to more than 20,000 Indians and with rents starting at AUD$360 per week for a three-bedroom house, affordability is a big plus.

There’s a good reason why Truganina is one of Victoria’s fastest growing suburbs – it’s expected to have a population of around 40,000 by 2031. Walks around Lake Sanctuary are popular with locals, and there are plenty of cycle paths. spend many weekends.

Big things are happening in the area and the Mt Atkinson development is one of them, bringing Westfield Shopping Center and the Melbourne Business Park employment centre, with the potential to support more than 19,000 jobs.

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One of the most interesting things about Rockbank is that it hosts the annual Victoria Olive Festival. It is also home to the award-winning Witchmount Estate Winery. This is all due in part to the soil in the area. Enough about land!

Rockbank Primary School has a rich history serving the area as a local primary school. There are also numerous shops and transport options within the CBD

This area is another area that is expected to see significant growth, bringing investment and opportunities to neighborhood residents.

In the 3122 postcode, Hawthorn is different from the other suburbs mentioned in this article. While other suburbs are ‘new’ and up and coming, Hawthorn is one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs.

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