Windeward Bound Youth Leadership Challenge

Windeward Bound Youth Leadership Challenge – The Windeward Bound Trust Annual Youth Leadership Challenge is a partnership working with Rotary Tasmania, which also receives support from the Migrant Resource Center of Southern Tasmania. The program promotes understanding, inclusion and community by bringing together 20 young people from diverse backgrounds for a 10-day STV Windeward Bound trip, giving them the opportunity to connect and grow together in the short and long term. .

The Youth Leadership Challenge is open to young people aged 14-18 living in Tasmania – 10 local residents interested in teaching and creating an inclusive Tasmanian community and 10 from refugee homes who have recently settled in Tasmania. The program is fortunate to be financially supported by several sponsors, which allows us to significantly reduce costs for all participants.

Windeward Bound Youth Leadership Challenge

Those wishing to serve as consultants must pay a $200,500 grant to continue these costs, and refugee youth are eligible for substantial funding to cover most of their travel expenses, with additional financial assistance available. necessary. The Windeward Bound Trust provides coaches with additional fundraising guidance (including a fundraising tips and advice kit) and helps connect coaches with Rotary Club sponsors. About half of all Tasmanian Rotary Clubs have sponsored coaches over the years and many coaches from previous tours have received additional funding from Rotary support. It is also possible to apply for various scholarships.

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“There were hundreds of fun moments and there was never a moment when I and all my teammates didn’t have big smiles on our faces. The trip was full of learning opportunities, from sailing experience to communication and leadership skills and developing an understanding of diversity and different culture.” – Holly Bowd, 2016 Mentors are proud, as they should be, to go out of their communities and communities to do this.” – Sharon Wright, MRC North’s Youth Settlement Pathways Coordinator Rotary Tasmania relationship.

The Windeward Bound Trust has had a special relationship with Rotary in Tasmania since 1994 and the Rotary Club of Hobart has been a driving force behind the development and success of the Youth Leadership Challenge since its inception in 2012. Over the years a four-member planning team from the Rotary Club of Hobart assisted Windeward Bound Trust with travel planning, promotion to Rotary clubs across the country and selection of advisors. This year, in what is now the official program of Rotary Tasmania, the team will be made up of Rotary members from across the District.

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Rotary clubs throughout the district actively support the program by assisting in the recruitment and selection of coaches and by regularly providing support. Participating in the Youth Leadership Challenge not only encourages further communication with clubs in their communities, but also gives them the opportunity to hear motivational speakers in the form of sponsored coaches after the trip. Over the past six years, 48% of Tasmanian Rotary clubs have been sponsors, 10 of these clubs have been sponsors for several years. We’ve had feedback from several clubs that their mentors are some of the most memorable they’ve had and we’ve even received unsolicited inquiries about the upcoming tour from clubs interested in supporting Tasmania’s youth.

Sail Training International, of which Windeward Bound is a member, and Rotary International share the same goals of promoting youth development, supporting efforts for international friendship and understanding.

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And it is the name of Sail Training International’s program to promote cooperation from Rotary Club support to students traveling on tall ships to projects carried out jointly with Rotary clubs and host stations.

If you need a consultant application form please download or email us or if you need a New Tasmanian application form please download or contact us via this email Last December Leeuwin Ocean Adventure was invited to fly a representative to Tasmania on the tall ship event of the day

The 10-day Youth Leadership Challenge was aimed at young refugees and allowed young Tasmanians to understand and share each other’s experiences.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure’s Community Inclusion Officer and newly appointed Ministerial Youth Advisory Council member, Philippa Bourke (24), was able to see first-hand the importance of the 10-day trip in developing an inclusive community and will be introducing a similar trip to the Leeuwin Project. in 2019.

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With students from all walks of life, it was amazing to see everyone let go of their egos and just have fun like teenagers.”

The purpose of the trip was to gain community support and create new friendships for Tasmanians who have recently moved to Australia.

“I was able to listen to the journeys that many refugees took to reach Australia. Some of these journeys took years and since then they have taken every opportunity to live in Tasmania.”

The trip is also aimed at developing young people in Tasmania through a deeper understanding of the challenges facing refugees and creating a more welcoming community for Tasmania.

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“It was amazing to listen to some of the participants who were very happy to immerse themselves in Australian life. Being on a ship for 10 days with people from different backgrounds working together was wonderful. This trip is a great way to create a sense of community, which is difficult for anyone in a new home. “

In 2018, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure will be working closely with community members to find support for their own Refugee Journey:

© 2022 Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation | Site Map | Conditions | Privacy Policy We acknowledge the original custodians of our home port of Fremantle, the Whadjuk people of Noongar Boodj. We respect ancient and present traditions and relationships with the land and elders in the past, present and development. As the STS Leeuwin enters the waters north of Noongar Bood, we also offer this permission to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations YOUNG MANAGER: Chloe Marshall attends to her visit to Windward Bound. A Launceston College student is taking part in a youth leadership competition from December 10-19. Photo: Neil Richardson

A group of future world leaders will set sail on the STV Windeward Bound in December, including Launceston’s Chloe Marshall.

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The 18-year-old is taking part in the Windward Bound Foundation’s annual youth leadership conference, supported by the West Tamar Rotary Club.

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About 20 people are accepted into it, 10 young Tasmanians who become mentors and then 10 young people from asylum or poverty,” Miss Marshall said.

“Essentially, young Tasmanians come on board as advisers and teach the refugees what it’s like to be Tasmanian…

The challenge is open to young people between the ages of 15 and 18 living in Tasmania, and sponsors must raise $150 to cover the refugee’s travel costs.

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Holly Money is a newspaper reporter based in Launceston, Tasmania. His main field is local government. He is employed by a registered charity whose mission is to provide sailing lessons to young, disadvantaged Australians.

“Windeward Bound” was created in 1965 when a young sailor in the Royal Australian Navy stood on the shore of Garden Island looking from England towards Sydney for the old Baltic merchant ship “New Endeavour”. This approaching vision started the dream of building and operating the same tall ship. A period of work in the RAN and later difficulties in finding the skills of a carpenter/builder and a young and growing family put the dream on the shelf for a while. But even on the shelf, big dreams became everything and the search for the right set of plans began, slipways were caught studying the shape of the hull and shipbuilders of the past were asked for their important knowledge of how you . ..”

By 1983, several things had happened: children were growing up and becoming independent, human conditions had changed, and the plans for the 1848 Boston-built Tops’l Schooner were revealed in a ship design book that had already sold out. . Suddenly there was no reason to shelve the work. After nearly a year of searching and searching, the full-size line drawings were found at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. The Americans agreed to use the plans on the promise that one day we would sail to Boston.

A lot of work followed, standards raised dramatically from the draft, the naval architect reviewed her stability and seaworthiness, perfect.

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