Wingham Court Nursing Home

Wingham Court Nursing Home – Chief Sally Renshaw pictured with Nola Pereira (30 years of service), Diane Sharwood (25), Faye Moore (30), Judy Murray (25), Jan Reynolds (35), Care Services Leonie Burke.

Long-serving staff at Whiddon Wingham were recognized on February 7 for their outstanding commitment and contribution to aged care services in Wingham.

Wingham Court Nursing Home

Collectively, 38 employees have served the residents of Whiddon Wingham for an incredible 515 years, enriching the lives of many in the community.

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“We are pleased to recognize and honor these highly skilled employees. Every day they do their best to enrich the lives of those we care about and we congratulate them on reaching these milestones,” said Ms. Burke.

“We are a big family here and they bring passion, dedication and love to our home. Over the years, they have made a real difference in the lives of many in our community.

“I’m very proud of them. We have staff here who drive from Harrington and the old pub. They’re not just local employees. I’ve got a lot of employees who travel a long way to get here.”

LONG SERVICE STAFF: Middle Row: Maureen Relf,​​​​Diane Sharwood, Carol Knight, Linda Tisdell, Judy Murray, Karen Dodds, Julie Randle, Judy Poole, Residential Care Center Sally Renshaw. Back Row: Deep Bhupinderpalkuar, Trish Coleman, Denise Ryan, Fay Moore, Vicky Wills, Ben Wills.

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Whedon’s managing director of residential care, Sally Renshaw, said Winghames was a great team and praised Leonie Burke’s leadership in the team.

“Leonie has been with us since 2014 and has made a significant difference. Her leadership has been impressive and I think has gone a long way to where we are today at Wingham.

Ms Renshaw said: “It’s very family-run; ‘It’s very tailored to their individual needs – you just hope the manager is happy and engaged.'” Care homes have been told they must make urgent improvements or face enforcement action after being reported. “Not enough”, concerns range from lack of staff and signs of clashes to too many cookies.

Inspectors found Wingham Court Care Centre, run by Bupa in Oaken Road, Claygate, to be in breach of several regulations following an unannounced inspection in November.

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Adrian Hughes, the Care Quality Commission’s inspector general for adult social care in the South, said: “In our recent inspection we found serious concerns in a number of areas, and we expect the provider Bupa Care Homes (AKW) Ltd will take urgent action to correct the issues we have seen. “We will follow the actions requested by the supplier, and if not, we will take further action.”

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The Wingham Court report found that there were often not enough staff on duty to meet the personal care needs of residents in a timely manner and, if they did, there were times when people were left alone for long periods of time, despite having no contact with staff. . he felt that the staff treated him with respect and dignity.

The lack of staff meant that answers were almost always not given within five minutes, the report said: “One relative told us that his family prayers were left awkwardly for so long that they had to be pressed once and once. calling “This caused them and their relatives great anxiety.”

Residents were not always given their medications on time, and on one occasion, facility nurses took so long to administer medications that residents woke up at 12:30 a.m.

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While residents were able to provide other health care professionals when needed, people did not always feel that the staff understood their specific care or health needs.

Some areas of the house were criticized as unclean, creating a risk of cross-contamination or in poor repair, with blood stains on a bathroom mirror, brown and black mold around the shower curtain, and stains on to the bathroom and the bathroom brush.

A relative told investigators that they had repeatedly complained about the state of house maintenance and that their family members were dirty, and now they kept a mop and a bucket in the house and cleaned it themselves .

They say, “If I don’t get it myself, [my family] will live in poor and terrible conditions, and it makes me sad, it’s not fair.”

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Mr Hughes said: “Our inspection of Wingham Court Care Center found that people living there were not consistently receiving the services they expected: safe, effective, caring, tailored to their needs and well-led.

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“It is simply unacceptable that there are not enough personnel to support people who live at home. “For people who rely on the support of others, it is important that their medications are sent on time, which the staff understands their specific needs, and that their living space is clean and well maintained.”

The food and drinks in the room were described as “adequate”, although the pastries were “a little soft”, after complaining on the day of the review.

Wingham Court has a special focus on those with brain injuries or challenges and has 71 residents.

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A spokesperson for the home said: “The wellbeing of our residents is our top priority. CQC inspectors recognized that our staff provide care to residents and treat them with respect and dignity, and residents feel In addition, these medications are administered and stored safely.

“But we have taken immediate action to ensure that all staff have completed further infection control and accountability, and we have redecorated areas of the room. We are also reviewing staffing levels daily.

Our residents and their families have appreciated these improvements, and we are committed to using all the necessary resources to make further progress.”

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People tasked with using less energy at peak times to protect state supplies The outbreak of COVID-19 has hit patients and staff at Wingham Community Hospital, with nine patients and at least five staff infected with the virus. 16 bed rehabilitation facility.

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The Hunter New England Local Health District (HNELHD) said the hospital launched its COVID-19 response on Monday, February 14.

“The source of the infection was an asymptomatic person who initially tested negative for COVID-19 after being admitted to another hospital in the region,” said a spokesperson for HNELHD.

“The patient tested negative again before being transferred to Wingham Hospital. “They later tested positive for COVID-19 at Wingham Hospital.”

The HNEHLD said the response was issued after “a small number of positive COVID-19 patients were notified” at the hospital.

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“Appropriate measures must continue to be taken to prevent further spread, including the use of appropriate PPE, increased cleaning protocols and regular testing of staff and patients.”

Rumors are circulating in the community that hospital staff infected with the virus have been denied “covid leave” and are forced to take sick leave or unpaid leave.

While there are policies in place for such situations, employees who can work remotely are said to be denied the right to work.

“No staff at Wingham Hospital have been asked to work from home. However, as we have seen throughout the epidemic, non-clinical staff may be required to do so.

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