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This week, Blizzard gave World of Warcraft players the ability to play its massive online game without having to pay for a monthly subscription when it introduced the recently announced WoW Token. A new item that can be traded or sold in-game for in-game gold is scheduled to appear in the in-game store on Tuesday, April 7th.

World Of Warcraft Game Card Australia

WoW Tokens were announced in March as a way for players to get game time without the need for a monthly subscription. Players can buy tokens and exchange them with other players for gold or 30-day chunks of game time. Blizzard says the new payment option offers players a way to “easily and securely trade gold and game time with each other” and use their game gold to pay for time in WoW.

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WoW Tokens will be available starting tomorrow (at approximately 10am PT) in North America, Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand via the in-game store. Blizzard will be selling the tokens for $20/AU$25 each. Blizzard also set the starting price of the WoW token at 30,000 gold on the World of Warcraft auction house, but stated that supply and demand will dictate the price after launch. Blizzard says it’s limiting the number of tokens players can buy to 10 in a 30-day period.

For more details on the new WoW Tokens in World of Warcraft, see the announcement. Blizzard also released a quick video primer on WoW Tokens, which you can check out below.

Earlier this year, Blizzard Entertainment announced the ninth expansion for World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Officially scheduled for release in December 2022, Dragonflight has just entered Alpha testing, so we sat down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas to talk about what to expect from this exciting new chapter in World of Warcraft.

The team is definitely happy and excited about the reception. You see, one of the most nerve-wracking moments as a World of Warcraft developer is when we pull back the curtain and share our expansion concept with the world, because at that point we’ve probably been working on it for two years and if the core idea doesn’t come out the way we hope, it’s too late to change it . So, when we started creating Dragonflight, we knew we were going back to Azeroth, and we wanted to provide a high fantasy expansion, something attractive that went back to the vibe of exploration and discovery, not a huge space-ending threat. right. from the beginning – and of course, who doesn’t like dragons?

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You Can Now Only Buy 60 Days Of Game Time In World Of Warcraft

When we were able to share the expansion’s cinematics and framing back in April, we were really excited to receive it, and we’re even more excited this week to fully and truly pull back the curtain. world to. to see what we’re working on, explore these worlds, play around with talent systems, check out our other system changes, and more.

The community as a whole will see the Alpha tomorrow, but we are working to start the feedback process for some of our system changes as soon as possible. Over a month ago, we started publishing comprehensive talent blogs for some of our redesigned talent trees, and again, this is one of the things we know is a risk. we know we’re making a radical change in something fundamental, which is the type and specific [iaslization] that players perceive our entire world and interact with the world through . We are very happy to see the positive initial reception; people in the community have put together talented calculators and people researching crafting theory and researching what they can do in their dungeon versus what they will do in PvP.

Also, providing invaluable feedback on options that are conflicting or frustrating allows us to start the iterative process even earlier. We’ll have many of these trees playable in practice as we open the Alpha, and we’ll get all the others out for testing over the next few months. So we can’t wait to begin the ongoing dialogue in our time with Alpha and Beta to make [talented] leaders all they can be.

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We last spoke to the Dragonflight team in April, have there been any big changes or surprises since then?

A Portal To The Past: Wow Classic’s Burning Crusade Beta

Things are going according to plan and I’m very proud of the team as a whole for pulling together the many variables that go into game development these days. This is the week we circled months and months and months ago when the Alpha will start and when we can share everything with the world and we’re here and it happened. We can’t wait to move into the next phase and start digging into the details of our system changes, new rewards, the zones we’re building, dungeons and raids, and more. This crucial process that happens during beta, where we get a lot of feedback while things are malleable enough to make big changes, is one of the most exciting and satisfying parts of the entire development cycle.

Will any older content be easier to complete or more accessible to non-new players before the new expansion?

We’ve already significantly removed the requirements for allied races, but we don’t plan to increase them any further. We’ve removed the reputation requirements and recurring content needed to unlock them. Now it’s more of a campaign quest line that you have to go through for a given zone or other content that basically replaces the starting experience for that race because it started, they’re higher level and they. no traditional startup experience. Overall, with World of Warcraft updates, we’re always trying to find a balance between maintaining the investment players have in their characters, and satisfying and taking care of people who’ve been playing for a decade, and finding something new while saving things. accessible and accessible and have smooth access to the latest experiences.

So the updates we’ve made to our new player experience in Shadowlands will continue, and as we slightly refine and polish, players will be able to pick up World of Warcraft for the first time, play the Horde and Alliance-themed Battle for Azeroth. experience and then proceed directly to Dragon Isles at level 60 once Dragonflight starts. They will be equipped to understand the story, to understand the story and the stakes and the systems in front of them. Dragonflight is a fantastic time to pick up World of Warcraft, whether you’re returning after a while or picking it up for the first time.

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Pandemic World Of Warcraft Board Game Review:

Honestly, I feel and the development team feels that professions have a lot of unfulfilled potential in the last 10+ years of World of Warcraft. There’s a fantasy that in some ways we came closest to fulfilling in Classic 17 years ago, where you’ll be a carpenter on your server with Arcanite Reaper blueprints and other people will find you. because they know you. he has to spend a lot of time and effort to become a master blacksmith. You can control, you can collect unique recipes, and you can log in and get whispers from people who know that “that person is a great blacksmith”, just as others can be the scariest duelist on their server or panic. On the battlefields, you are a blacksmith or a magician with unique recipes. Over the years I think it’s become a bit homogenized where most crafters have the same stuff as everyone else.

The impetus for changing Dragonflight’s profession is really how can we make the craft a part of who you are? How do you make it have the depth that exists for people who want to join it and who want to differentiate themselves from other crafters of the same type and be able to say this is my playstyle, I’m a carpenter and this is a big deal . We don’t want to force everyone to go down this path if they don’t want to. If you want to collect herbs and mix potions for your attack, it will still work the way it did, but if you want to be a specialist and craft the best item of a certain type, there is one deep system. it was there

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