World Wide Online Printing

World Wide Online Printing – Hybrid mode offers a flexible setup for a secure print and scan environment. 2022v3 ​​builds on a hybrid platform, allowing IT to deploy a single smart client across the organization to deliver seamless and secure printing regardless of location, cloud or server. Additionally, this release introduces a number of improvements, including restoring a lost connection between the server and online, a new So Online/ 2019 wizard, and an applet now on PlotWave/ Wide Format Printer. ColorWave is already installed. .

Hybrid mode provides the flexibility to deploy servers and servers at different locations to meet specific printing and scanning needs. This environment requires a separate print queue for each location, which can be burdensome for the IT department. For users who travel between locations, it can be frustrating if they select the wrong print order for their current location. and server locations. If a user is at a server location, their print jobs are stored on the server, and if the user goes to a cloud location and prints, the print job is processed online, all from one driver and one print queue. As a result, the organization can now benefit from less user confusion, no longer having to decide which line to choose, and reduce user support calls.

World Wide Online Printing

A new tracking workflow wizard “So Online/2019” is now available that supports the latest So Online/So Online releases and features and includes secure OAuth authentication. Also, we have made it easy for the administrator to restore the connection between the server and online if it is lost. Additionally, the plug-in application used for secure release of plots on PlotWave/ColorWave wide format printers is now pre-installed on those devices, making output much easier.

What Is New?

Continually improving to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. Some minor issues have been identified since the previous installation update and are important to our customers, so they will be fixed with a service update outside of the regular release period. To know what issues have been fixed and what performance improvements have been implemented, download the release notes provided here.

Hybrid mode offers a flexible setup for a secure print and scan environment. The 2022v2 expands and streamlines hybrid configuration so IT can deliver consistent, secure print and scan functionality across Canon’s large and small devices. Additionally, this version provides improvements to integrated card registration and login channel management.

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Online offers several print job delivery methods to extend the server’s print capabilities in hybrid mode. When the two systems are connected, print jobs submitted online can be pre-released on larger Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX devices. 2022v2 now supports this functionality on small hybrid connected devices on the eULM platform, including Canon imageRUNNER/ i-SENSYS/imageCLASS devices. As a result, the organization can now benefit from consistent and secure mobile printing functionality across Canon’s mixed fleet.

Card enrollment is a process that gives end users the ability to connect an ID card to access the device. It is quick, easy and requires little administrative effort. 2022v2 simplifies card registration by integrating built-in registration codes into a hybrid interface. The new and improved sync method allows users in a hybrid setup to easily link with their registration code, regardless of whether it was created online or not.

Solutions For Industrial Print Production

The newly released version of Embedded for Xerox provides advanced device support and an adaptive user interface (UI).

The new app version supports other devices from the Xerox AltaLink® and VersaLink® lines, while also supporting PrimeLink machines.

Xerox’s latest app comes with a lightweight user interface adaptation. Navigation is simple when users select a function from the home screen, change the completion options on the device, or remove a job from their secure print queue.

The violence and destruction caused by the military offensive in Ukraine has shocked us all. We share our condolences with our colleagues and the people of Ukraine whose lives have been deeply affected.

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As part of worldwide relief efforts supporting Ukraine, we donate to various international aid and humanitarian organizations.

Earlier this week, NT-Ware stopped all product deliveries in Russia. We continue to monitor the situation and rapid developments.

Server is a worldwide print and scan management application. It continues to build on the concept of centralized management and online configuration, with a connection to online. This latest update greatly expands the server’s hybrid capabilities by adding several new user sync methods and the ability to configure the server online without using the server user interface (UI) for server/hybrid settings.

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In a hybrid setup, new synchronization options give administrators the flexibility to decide whether the server or web is the primary user data system. This means that IT only needs to manage a user data system that prevents data conflicts and keeps user data secure and up-to-date. Additionally, for organizations still hesitant to move data to the cloud, administrators now have the option to disable synchronization of users and accounting data to prevent sensitive data from moving to the cloud. In this case, only online and offline subscriptions are synced.

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In hybrid configurations, administrators can centrally configure cloud and on-premise locations. With this release the configuration of online server locations is greatly improved with better visualization of devices, synchronization of price profiles and standard operating settings, all directly from the online UI. 2022 LTS marks another important step in the migration of server configurations to the cloud.

Student budget top-ups in educational institutions can now be managed online, so students can recharge their accounts through PayPal™. Using online as a budget source for the server combines the power of the cloud with the flexibility of an online solution to provide a highly secure solution that is easy to install and configure.

When connecting to SharePoint Online®, users can find, search, select a tag from a selected SharePoint Online® list/library, and add that tag to tracking. Organizations handling sensitive data can now comply with industry regulations and internal policies. Additionally, SharePoint Online® connectivity has been extended to allow users with configured permissions to view, access, and browse the full list of SharePoint Online® sites, including all sites and their content available on the device during scanning.

It already provides a wide variety of plug-in applications for both small and large devices. With this release, support is now available for Canon’s imagePROGRAF TX and TZ range of large format printing models, providing user authentication, secure print release and accurate accounting so organizations can track costs, identify opportunities and establish best printing practices. To reduce costs.

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More and more customers operate complex fleets consisting of large multi-functional devices and small production laser printers. Support for Canon imageRUNNER devices i-SENSYS/ imageCLASS implements Cost Center Support by integrating functionality with Canon ImageRunner Advance DX devices, ensuring uniform functionality across the fleet.

The hybrid concept was further refined with the release of 2021v3. Online pricing profiles can be applied to server input channel printers and then synchronized with the server. Also, the server’s input printers are separated from the online output printers, making management easier. It is also possible to create templates for log printers. These modifications are the first steps to configuring Server/Hybrid online without using the Server UI.

Online Deployment Update 2021.3 includes a new menu – ‘Input Channel’ – that appears in the Online UI when Hybrid Connection is enabled on a tenant. Server ‘Input Printers’ are now conveniently filtered and only appear in the ‘Input Channel’ menu instead of the ‘Devices’ menu in the Online UI.

Price profiles created by the administrator online will be automatically synced with the server in hybrid mode. Online pricing profiles can be conveniently assigned or reassigned to the printer via the admin input channel in the online UI. Additionally, the administrator can change other settings such as the printer spooler.

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, with its built-in hybrid technology, continues to combine online and cloud resources while satisfying the most complex secure document printing and scanning processes. 2021v2 comes with two key features: online as the server’s budget manager in hybrid mode, and an easy-to-use utility app for the new range of Canon imagePROGRAF large printers, which enables on-device user authentication and security benefits. printing You would expect.

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