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Ywca Child Care Canberra – On Thursday 29 June, YWCA Canberra welcomed a crowd of over 60 who gathered for drinks and appetizers to officially open the new Fairlie Early Childhood Service in Murmurbateman, NSW.

Before YWCA Canberra President Jude Burger officially cut the ribbon, guests heard from Yass Valley Council Mayor Rowena Abbey, Murmurbateman Councilor Mike Reid, project partners, Arnold Co Director Rohan Arnold and Hewlett Property Group Director Ben Hewlett. , everyone is proud and excited to welcome the Fairleigh Early Childhood Service, which provides innovative care for local children in the Yass Valley region.

Ywca Child Care Canberra

In an interview with Nine News, Mike Reid said, “I like change, I like to see development and I think the community will really appreciate it as an asset.”

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The Fairleigh Early Childhood Service caters for up to 115 children from the age of six weeks. The service will employ experienced and well-trained teachers, many of whom have degrees in early childhood education. It will be a flexible, stable and stimulating work environment.

YWCA Canberra executive director Frances Crimmins said, “I think it’s another plus for the area that once the center is fully open we’ll be able to provide 30 full-time positions.”

The Fairlie Early Child Care Service will provide an innovative and flexible format, including a focus on gender neutral education. Innovations based on leading global practices will set a new benchmark for quality and affordable early childhood education and care in the region.

YWCA Canberra has long been involved in providing early childhood education and care. We began offering child care services in the early 1960s, a growing array of classes and activities that sparked the subsequent expansion of child care services within the YWCA’s work. Today, we provide affordable, quality early childhood education and care to more than 300 families:

Ywca Canberra Children’s Service

Adopting this project was an exciting next step in the suite of services provided by YWCA Canberra’s children’s services portfolio. This is a collaborative effort between us, Arnoldco and Hewlett Property Group in providing much needed early childhood services to families in and around Murmurbateman.

YWCA Canberra’s vision, purpose, motivation and values ​​influence all decisions made in our services; From the curriculum to how we teach our children, to the flexibility, structure, support and opportunities we offer each employee.

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She says it takes a village to raise a child and Fairlie intends to be Murmurbateman’s village. From services aimed at young children, to after school care and the school holiday programme, everything we do here is about building a sense of community.

Neighbors, friends and community members can spend beautiful sunny afternoons playing by our backyard creek or planting vegetables to share with families. Children of all ages gather in the dining room to share food and memories. Soon you will be able to walk through these doors and hear laughter along with many wonderful childhood experiences.

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Also, to the YWCA Canberra Board for their vision and willingness to invest in providing state-of-the-art early childhood services in regional NSW.

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If you are interested in seeing this amazing new centre, visit the Fairlie Early Childhood Services website for more information on upcoming open days, work opportunities and enrollment details or contact Louise Billman at Louise.Billman @

Ywca Canberra: Want To Pursue A New Career Or Gain A New Qualification?

As Rohan Arnold, director of Arnoldco, said, “It’s time to fill it with kids and make a lot of noise!” Access to quality early childhood education and care (ECEC) is essential to achieving gender equality. (For more on why, check out our recent ENews on the subject.)

And the demand for ECEC services is increasing. According to Australian Government labor market projections, the education and childcare sector will need a 20% increase in teachers between 2019 and 2024 (about 30,000 people) to keep up with demand.

ECEC is a highly regulated industry. Individuals working as early childhood teachers, even at entry level, must hold or work towards a Certificate III qualification in ECEC, and at least 50% of teachers in a service must hold at least a bachelor’s degree. There is a strict relationship between teachers and children at all times of the day depending on the age. Without sufficient staff, ECEC services must reduce their capacity, thereby limiting options for working parents.

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As an ECEC service provider and part of our mission for gender equality, YWCA Canberra is committed to creating a pipeline of skilled and confident ECEC professionals. Through our Registered Training Organization (RTO 1373), we deliver Certificate III and Diploma qualifications in ECEC and have now received approval from the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to offer new versions of these courses. This means our students can gain the most up-to-date skills and knowledge that they can employ in a wide variety of careers.

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We also understand that ECEC is a professional field. Although children seem to enjoy playing, early childhood educators are trained to develop learning opportunities through play. They structure their programs around research and educational best practices to provide opportunities to explore, observe, experiment, and solve problems during the critical first five years of children’s lives. This early education has a lifelong positive impact on children.

We are proud to be a part of this growing industry and help people with a passion for child development embrace their careers. We are looking forward to the next placement of ECEC students with the timing dependent on government funding decisions in November.

Are you considering a career in early childhood education? Find out [email protected] Express your interest in our training immediately. As an early childhood educator, I am fortunate to work with and meet many interesting and unique people. I have worked with children and families for 16 years and every day is different from the last.

Early childhood education and care is something I am incredibly passionate about. Just ask my team who see my eyes light up with excitement when I see them do something extraordinary with a child with a small stick and two sheets of paper. One of the best parts of my job is being surrounded by other passionate people, men and women who are dedicated and genuinely want to make an impact on the future.

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I truly believe that a great early childhood experience is the best way to create a brighter future for ourselves and the children we work with. It gives children the opportunity to develop curiosity and hands-on skills while learning anything from literacy to math, life skills and social skills.

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Quality teachers also provide environments where children learn to be resilient, learn to persevere, stand up and move forward when life throws them a curveball.

In addition, early childhood education and care provides a stable support structure for women to actively work or study, which is integral to YWCA Canberra’s mission to help women reach their potential.

As an educator, champion for children, advocate for teachers, I am proud to advocate for early childhood education and care as a vital part of our society.

Ywca Canberra Commits To Reconciliation And Embedded And Meaningful Practice

I asked some teachers at YWCA Canberra what they love about early childhood education and care, and here’s what they said:

“I can be a part of so many people’s lives to make a difference.” – Sam

“The smiles on the kids’ faces, the relationships you form. The direct impact we have on children’s development is truly exciting. Open to new experiences and new ideas that support their development.” – Bianca B

“Kids, I love watching them learn. Their zest for life: They remind you that the simple things matter. They are happy with life. ” – Chiara

Ywca Canberra: Ywca Canberra Celebrates Official Opening Of Brand New Fairley Early Childhood Service With Murrumbateman Community

Our dedicated teachers are amazing to work with and a great example of how YWCA Canberra is making positive changes every day.

I am delighted to be involved in the opening of a new YWCA Canberra Early Childhood Education and Care Service called Winyu. At YWCA Canberra, we appreciate the power of education and the role teachers play in children’s lives. We understand that teachers have a unique dedication when working with children every day. That’s why we’re proud to celebrate Early Childhood Education Day to show our support and love for all the teachers who work in our services.

At our Condor Early Childhood Service, Director Megan organized a nice spread to thank her staff for all their hard work and dedication. The teachers were accompanied by delicious food during this celebration

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